...know we all love around here is Pinterest.

You might as well admit it, if you tried it out once, you probably have at least one board with a bunch of random ideas you put away for a later use.
The biggest part of this, tho, comes when you actually decide on doing something you saw on there. Why? Because chances are that it will suck. Hard time.

You see, Pinterest is kind of full with people who are either professionals, or just really talented, but whoever the people are who post the pictures with their cool ideas, there is probably one thing in common in them: they have done it over and over and over again.

I'm pretty sure that none of those people who managed to come up with a bunch of beautiful ideas did so without any practice beforehand - and, of course, without them having the ability to actually use a camera for their best advantage.

So, if you are about as talentless as me, but excited to try out something new be forewarned that there will be a huge chance, that your new "win" will turn into a "fail". You don't believe me? Check these out!

1. Melted Crayon Art
You know those cool little projects you want to do with the closest 5 year old relative of yours? Where you grab a whole bunch of crayons, glue them on a paper and then heat them up so the colors would make a beautiful rainbow? I would've tried this one out too, if I would have had the money to waste on crayons. But after I saw this next attempt, I think I will pass on it:

Crayon Art

2. Marbled nails
I've been checking these one out myself, just because they look amazing - and since I can't even have a second layer of the same color applied to my own nails without fucking up my whole hand, I think I will stay really far away from trying this one out. Still, if you are experienced and lucky to have the good kind of polish, you might get a decent result.

3. Pumpkin patch baby 
I'm sure that you know that little pic of a cute little baby sitting in a pumpkin. The thing with babies, tho, is that they are highly unpredictable. Thus, when you strip them naked and place them inside a wet and cold orange vegetable they will more than likely not take it in stride. 

4. Hair flip
And yes, there are a whole bunch of videos and pictures with pretty girls just doing a hair flip and sending a wave of water all around them (recently it came to my attention that there is a similar trend only instead of a girl, you have a tennis ball) . Well, if you don't have the perfect photographer hanging out in your pocket so you can pull him or her out whenever necessary, chances are you will look like this:


5. Kiwi Popsicle
If you don't know how to make an amazing chocolate that will harden nice and smooth once it cools down, you might as well stay away from this one. Otherwise it might be pretty simple and also cute and healthy. 


6. Breakfast for champions 
Ham and eggs anyone? It tastes awesome, doesn't it? But when it comes together with the perfect serving, it just hits the spot, doesn't it? 
Well, in this instance this didn't happen. Still, I'm sure it tasted good. 

7. Minion cake
This one is for Ágota. I wish I had the resources and the talent to try this one - it looks cool and tasty! Sadly, I think my creation would resemble the failed attempt much more than the pretty one. 

Minion Cake

8. Family Photo
This one is once gain not something you want to try if your kid just ate. And babies are still horrible, no matter what. 

9. Nutella mug cakes
Oh, believe me, I tried making mud cakes. Although they are edible and fast, they are also amazingly messy. I might be really bad at baking, but since I saw these pics, I don't think the problem is me. What do you think?

nutella mug cakes nailed it

10. Chocolate cake
And while we are at cakes, I have to admit that this next one is once again that also happened to me. (Ágota, once again, can vouch for me in this). If you are not a professional baker, you should probably stay away from decorating. Still, it will end up in your belly, so no problem. 

Chocolate cake - nailed it

So what did we learn today, guys? 

What do we say to the god of death ?  - What do we say to Pinterest crafts? Not Today