...happened upon today was a short little video about couple of horror movie kids.

And this gave me the idea to make up a list of the most terrifying children in movie history.
So if you are afraid of children even when they aren't possessed by the devil, this is probably not the most reassuring post you will ever run into.

1. Isaac (Children of the Corn, 1984)

Although if you would watch this movie now you would more than likely laugh your ass off at the weird special effect and the attempt to be scary, but you would still have to admit that Isaac scared the crap out of you. In the 1984 version of the story Isaac is 12 years old, and he is a preacher of a god that wants all adults killed. This isn't the only freakish thing about him, though. The 12 year old boy is actually played by a 25 years old man. Yes, that guy on the pic is 25 years old. Creepy, eh? 

2. Henry Evans (The Good Son, 1993)

Back in the days, when Culkin was still a good actor, he starred in this pretty good movie about psychopathic kids. The story started out with the death of Elijah Wood's mom, and because his dad had to go on a business trip, he lives the kid with his cousin's family. Henry and Mark (Elijah's character) get along pretty nice at the start, but soon enough Henry starts to do some weird shit around there, and manages to make it look like Mark is the psychopathic one. 
The best moment of the movie is the end, tho - it still sticks to my mind even if it was years before I watched it. I'm not going to ruin it for you guys, tho - but it is pretty suspenseful. 

3. Danny Torrance (The Shining, 1980)

Although he is not exactly the evil one in the story, his psychic abilities make him awfully creepy. He is just a child, after all, who is not only haunted by the evil hotel, but he also has to stand by as his father goes bonkers (Also, I think that Shelley Duvall, who played his mother is probably the creepiest looking women in the history of Hollywood). Danny here, like so many American children tend to be in movies, also has an imaginary friend called Tony. When, after a trance he emerges from the land he fell into saying "redrum" over and over again, and claiming he is Tony, I think we can say that all of us were scared of him at least a little. 

4. Gage (Pet Sematary, 1989) 

This precious little boy doesn't seem harmless at all. That is, until he runs out onto the highway and gets squished by a huge truck. When his father decides to bury him in a sacred native American ground - the same place that managed to bring back their dead cat to life, by the way, is it any surprise that poor little Gage here becomes a tool of revenge? Why would someone do this after they are told the horrors this would bring about is beyond me, but there it is. It seems horror doesn't have to make sense to be terrifying. 

5. Regan MacNeil (The Exorcist, 1973)

This is the movie that still haunts many people to these days. Regan is once again a 12 year old, whose parents are in the middle of a divorce. Her father can't be seen in the screen in the movie, but her mother seems to be pretty devoted to her, and even tho she is atheist, when Regan starts asking questions about God, she tries to answer her patiently. Then, Regan slowly changes and the mother realizes that she is actually possessed by some demon. The weird shit she does while in this state is almost as bad as the attempts to exorcise her. 

6. Grady sisters, (The Shining, 1980)

4 The Top 16 Creepiest Kids in Horror Movie History

Leave it to King and Kubrick to make two perfectly normal looking children creepy as fuck. When the Grady sisters appears suddenly as if out of nowhere, you can clearly feel the hair on the back of your neck rising in alarm. Even though they don't really do anything that would require a six-foot pole made of silver, the way they just stand there with their blank faces will make you want to hit them in the head. Awful, really. 

7. Samara Morgan (The Ring, 2002)

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Samara is an eight year old girl, whose only wish is to have a mother, after her real one tried to kill her as a baby, and her new adoptive mother actually succeeded in doing this, by throwing her into a well. The story starts out with some people being killed after they failed to pass Samara's story over to someone. Of course, you won't get to this conclusion until you watch the whole movie, where the tragic life of this little kid is revealed. Still, Samara will creep you out no matter how much she can be pitied, probably because of her antisocial ways and her reluctance to actually say something sensible.