... I want to share with you guys a couple of interesting facts.

I know that there are a whole bunch of these out there, but I ran into a list and I kinda liked the random info about all kinds of things.
I'm not sure where this will come in handy- if they will at all - but they are entertaining to read about, in my opinion. So, check these out, guys!

Apparently the language's name is Ayapaneco. Manual Segovia and Isidro Velazquez live 500 meters apart in Ayapo, and for some reason they hate each other. No one actually know what's the reason behind this.

The reason behind this is because they are high on fat and low on water content. 

They are called Trauma Teddies, and they are there to help children under 6. 

There goes all the romance :))) 

He is 48 years old, and the first language he learnt was English, at the age of 6. He is Greek, by the way. And yes, the languages do include Chinese and Hungarian. 

Bad luck Yakov. 

And since we are almost at the end of year festivities: