...came across today was a site with a bunch of trolls.

And since I know how much you guys love trolls, I thought that I would share it. Check it out, I'm sure you'll have a great time with them :)

And since there aren't THAT many pics on that site yet, I think we should get back to the business at hand. That is, twist endings. In movies. Movies, I tell you! AGAIN!

So if you see a movie on this list that you haven't watched yet. Keep away from it, cause they are NOT spoiler friendly.

1. The Village (2004)

Here's what this movie is about. A bunch of weird people live in a little village, sometime in the beginning of the 20th century, and they are usually scared half-dead by some equally weird monsters who live in the woods. So what's the surprisingly twisted end to all of the terror? It turns out the village is made up of a bunch of cray people living in the wood - in the modern world. The elder are the ones who dress up like the monsters and make everyone afraid to even step inside the forest. 

2. Friday the 13th (1980)

For those who never watched this - or read it-, this is about some campsite - once again, in the woods. Of course, being a horror story, a bunch of people turn up dead, and everyone just suspects Jason - who once attended the camp himself, only to die, but whose body was never actually found. And what's the twist to this? It's actually Jason's old momma who does the killing. What a bitch! 

3. The Mist (2007) 

The story goes like this: a couple of people get trapped inside a shop when a weird mist falls upon their city/town/whatever. As this kind of stories go, there are idiots, lunatics, fanatics, and - of course- armed people running around, killing and threatening and scaring the shit out of the others, right on the top of the mist that has weird creatures attempting to make human-burgers.You might expect that the good guys will escape without a harm, but in the end the main characters kills every one of his companions. Only for the creatures to be killed and the mist lifted right after the deed. What a waste of perfectly good bullets. 

4. Saw (2004) 

There are two people trapped inside a disgusting bathroom: a photographer, and a doctor. They are told that to be able to escape one of them will need to kill the other. Then, when one of them manages to cut his own foot off and escapes and the other sits back to wait for a rescue, the dead body that was laying still until this moment. reveals himself to be the murderer. Game over. 

5. The Sixth Sense (1999) 

Haley (I still think that's a girl's name) sees dead people. Willis is a psychologist who tries to help him when things become weird. The thing is, in the end it turns out that Willis is the dead guy after all. Well played Night, well played. 

6. The Others (2001)


A mommy lives with his two children, who are extremely photosensitive and are not allowed even to go near a window. The movie goes on by making the children sensitive to the ghosts of the house - none of which can be actually seen by their mother. One of the kids even tries to befriend these creatures. And for those who watched The Sixth Sense this might be a totally unsurprising and boring twist ending. It turns out, those you thought were ghosts are actually the people, and the people are the ghosts. Still, a good movie. 

7. Secret Window (2004) 

A writer, played by Depp, catches his wife cheating on him. He suffers a mental breakdown and retreats to his forest cabin to get over things. This is where a weird guy contacts him and accuses him of plagiarism. The guy doe all kinds of creepy stuff, killing a dog and burning down houses and other shit. The twist ending consists of Depp actually having multiple personality disorder, so it is actually he who does all these things. 

8. Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) 

Luke's friends are captured, and he decides to hang out with some guys who want to teach him the way of the jedi. Meanwhile, half man-half machine makes some plans to capture Luke, because why the fuck not? After some crazy stunts, fighting with a laser sword (because in the future it's unacceptable to just shoot people with a gun or some other crazy shit) and listening to some heavy breathing we get to the final point, where the weird robot guy reveals himself to be Luke's father, making people throw up in their mouth at the blatant incest going on in the background. Ta ta ta taaaaa taaa tatitatatitaaa tatatatiiiitaaa ta ta ta taaaa. The end.