...have to share with you is this GoT challenge.

If you read Emő's blog, you already know that she just completed it.  And since she became about as obsessed with GoT as i'm with HP, I couldn't resist her excitement when it came to answering the questions.

Now, I will jump over a couple of these - the ones that require me to make graphics for example, because I'm not very good with those things. Also, there's the fact that I'm still only on the second book, so everything in the answers will be from the first two. This means that my answers COULD change over time.

So, are you guys ready for a pretty long post today? All right, let's go!

1. Favorite character from book/show. 
Since it says character - and not characterS, I had to stop and think about it a little. Since my answer didn't change, I am going for Arya. Both book and show.

2. Favorite quote.
There are quite a few nice ones out there, but I would say: “Fear cuts deeper than swords.” 

3. Where would you want to live in the GoT world? 

It might seem boring, but I think I would chose Winterfell. Not because the Starks rule over it, but because it kinda resembles Northern Europe. It has nice forests, and cool hot springs - and it is also pretty close to the lands where there's always winter. Thus I more than likely would be able to survive the upcoming winter more easily - and it would give me a great training to be able to join the Night's Watch. 

4. Favorite house. 

Stark. Grey, pale green, direwolf. Do I need to say more? 

5. Who do you ship?

Dany and Jorah. They belong together :) Also, I want to say Arya and Jojen. I think Arya and Meera would become great friends :P 

6. GIF that expresses my reaction to the show. 

7. Fanvid.

8. Favorite moment in book/movie. 
In the show, I loved the ending of the first season, where Dany turns out to be unharmed by the pyre and the dragons hatch. In the book, I would probably say the scene where Dany's brother is killed by liquid gold. Epic! 

9. Least favorite character. 
Sansa. Tho I usually can't wait her chapters, just to get a glimpse of that asshole Joffrey. I love to hate Joffrey. 

10. If you had a direwolf, what would you name it? 
Holy crap, that's a tough one! Probably Ser Punce-a-lot. And yes, that's a Dragon Age reference :P 

11. Three words that describe GoT. 
Lots of names. Because I still don't know who's who and where's what when it comes to minor characters. 

12. If there was a crossover...who would you ship? 
Well, I can think of a couple of crossovers with this, actually. But the best, I think, would be with Dragon Age. As for the ship... well, probably Alistair and Zevran with almost any main character in GoT. Tho Alistair probably wouldn't approve. 

13. Would you join the Night's Watch?
Hell yeah! 

14. Who do you think Jon Snow's parents are? 
Never thought about it, really. Because I don't really care. 

17. An interview I think it's funny. 
I don't watch interviews. Sorry. 

18. What Stark would you be? 
Arya. She the best Stark - ever. Brave, intelligent, cunning... what more could I want? 

19. Invent a character that would fit in GoT. 
Ah, something that requires a bit of imagination... Hmm, let's see... 

Samantha Rayder, the bastard daughter of Mance Rayder resembles her father only in looks. She is an average looking young woman, with light brown colored hair and eyes. She is almost as large as her father, and doesn't have anything slightly "womanly" about her, she could easily be mistaken for a warrior. But no matter this, or the fact that her father is a warrior and a leader himself, Samantha tries to keep to the shadows. She is clumsy and ungraceful, stumbling trough life only because of her father's name. 

But she is intelligent enough to know that without her father's name to protect her, she would be reduced first to a whore - and then probably get murdered, so she generally tries to remain unnoticed by the masses. The only person she keeps in touch with is Mance, and that's only so she could talk him out of the generally life-threatening situations. This puts her into a bad situation, tho, because to Mance this appears to be a cowardly thing, while Samantha only thinks about it as self-preservation. 

Thus, when Mance decides to gather his armies, Samantha decides that it is time to finally take some things in her hand. This -of course- would mean that she would need to make sure that the Night's Watch would spare her when her father will be killed in the war. 

And what would be a better way to do this than joining the Watch as a low-life steward? Can you see the pattern here? 

20. What's the most interesting thing about GoT? 
Probably the fact that it has so many different things happening at once. It keeps you on your toes. 

21. Link to a GoT based blog. 
Sorry, but I don't know one. 

23. Tyrion, Cersei, Jaime: Marry, fuck, throw off a cliff - what would you do? 
Ew... the order would probably be Tyrion, Jaime and Cersei, but only if I MUST chose. 

24. Who would you like to see battle it out? 
Joffrey and Dany. Oh. My. God... I just want to see Joffrey shitting his pants at seeing a dragon. 

25. What character's death would you be okay with? 
Catelyn. I'm not a big fan of hers, and her chapters in the book are generally really, really boring. I wish I could skip those... 

26. Give yourself a GoT inspired name.
Helyg. It means willow in Welsh. I think a welsh name goes pretty well with the series. 

27. Top 5 favorite characters. 
5. Tyrion, because he is cunning, intelligent, and a badass. 

4. Jon, because he seems like a nice guy. 

3. Sam, because whenever he turns up, I want to hug him. 

2. Dany, because she is awesome, and she has dragons! 

1. Arya, because, as I already told you, she is brave, intelligent and pretty damn lucky. 

28. Give some advice to one of the characters. 
I would like to give an advice to Sam: keep up the good work, and never change. 

29. Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones? 
I think I would have to go with GoT, because it has a lot more interesting theme, and many more interesting characters than those asshole hobbits. 

30. Favorite book/episode. 
Umm... as far as books go, I would have to go with the second one until now, even tho it's taking me forever to read. And as far as episodes go, I think I would have to say Valar Morghulis, because it's the last one of the second season and it promises awesome things. Also, I can't wait to get to that point in the book too :P

So this would be about it, ladies and gentlemen. I tried to answer all the questions. And if you have any more challenges for me like this, hit me with them. I love them!