...thought I should show you are a couple of natural wonders.

If you are an Internet veteran you have probably seen these things before - there are a whole bunch of pictures going around even after all these years (always). But if you didn't spend the biggest part of the last few years sitting in front of your computer you might be surprised.

1. Morning Glory Pool

No, the picture you see isn't an enlarged photo of someone's eye - although if you've seen those you might be surprised. 

The Morning Glory Pool is in the U.S.A, naturally in Yellowstone National Park (dear god, how I want to see that place). This is a hot spring, and the colors of it are given by different kinds of bacteria living there. 

Sadly the pool was pretty badly vandalized by asshole tourists, who just threw their garbage in there (Why the fuck would someone do this anyway?). Because of this a bunch of entryways in it have been clogged, and even tho the officials tried to clean them, it didn't go too well. 

Would you like to see what it looks like now? Check it out:  

A shame, if you ask me. 

2. Ant colony 

And this is NOT a sci-fi horror movie about some weird alien race. 

This giant ant colony covers 50 square meters, and it is about 8 meters deep. It WAS abandoned before scientists filled the whole thing up with tons of cement to make the whole thing stay the way it was. It was estimated that the ant colony that lived in this place moved about 40 tons of earth to create this. 

But let me post a short video about it, it will explain things much more clearly than I every could. 

3. The mimic octopus 

Some animals can make the whole world stand by and stare at them agape. Not just because they are cute or they learned something that baffles you even to these days, but also because they sometimes are capable of things we might see only in movies. 

The mimic octopus was discovered in 1998. 

As their name says, they mimic all kinds of different animals to avoid predators. How do they do this? Check out this short video: 

4. Farafra depression 

Quick, what's the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Egypt? I bet that it's probably not the White Desert.  

This particular desert has a whole bunch of huge chalk rock formations, that were created because of the sandstorms that can be usually witnessed around the place. 

You can check out this link that leads over to BBC One's site - it has a short little video about the place (narrated by our favorite documentary narrator of all time). 

Believe me, it's worth it, and it's only 2 minutes. 

5. Immortal jellyfish 

Yes, you read that right. This particular jellyfish could actually live forever, since it has the ability to revert back to its sexually immature variant, as soon as it becomes mature. 

This means that it could theoretically live forever - but then there are such things as predators and the change of their natural habitat, so clearly this isn't the case. 

There's also the fact that studying one exact specimen all throughout time is almost impossible, so the immortality of it remains a theoretical one. 

Still, I think that knowing that this exists will bring a whole lot of benefits when it comes to humans and their medicine. 

What do you think - could someone in the future develop a "phoenix pill"?