...usually don't do on my blog is to criticize people.

Ha-ha-ha, that was a funny one. I love to criticize people. It what I live for.
So, knowing this, and considering that Igot pretty early yesterday from work, I have a bunch of things I want to say.

First off, I want to point out that there is no actual way that the votes can be altered without a huge scandal occuring. The reasons behind this is that there are at least 10 people always around - 90% of them from different parties. Which means that if something WOULD occur, there would beat least one person who would report back to the police (as it happened with us, but I'll get to that in a minute).

Secondly, at the end you are not allowed to go home from your section until every single number adds up. Which means, that adding to those 10 people who already went trough the papers there are at least as many who would also go trough them as soon as the votes go into headquarters. PLUS all troughout the day almost every person who is there HAS to report back to their party in every second hour.

So, yes, unless every single party agrees on doing something illegal - you can't have a problem occuring when it comes to counting the votes.

All right, now that we are done with this, I have to tell you the little story of us getting reported to the police.

So, as you know there are about 7-8 people from different parties. One of these parties is usually the one that is the strictest of all - actually having to call their headquarters every single fucking time that you have to sign a paper or something like that. I'm talking about the asshole communists - the USL.

Now, saturday evening, as it's in out duty, we all had to meat up to go trough everything that we were given to work with, and then to secure the room the voting would have to take place. That includes the voting seals. We were given 6 of these plus one that we would need to stamp every single paper with, that represents the section the papers come out of (we had number 14).

This latter one is also used to secure the urns, the windows and the door, so no one could get in or out without the seal being broken- and thus, noticed.

And since you have to seal the freaking door FROM THE OUTSIDE, we come to the conclusion that you have no choice but to take the freaking stamp thingy back home with you - not that you can use it anywhere else, mind you, since it's only purpose is to shut a freaking door.

So we did all of that, with every one of us standing RIGHT THERE and looking on. No one commented a single word.

And as soon as I get home, I get the call that the idiot communist bitch called the police on us, so we had to go back, open the door, put the stamp in, come out, and then - seal the door again?

All right, so we were basicly all enraged. Why the fuck didn't the bitch complain right there when we were all there that we should've left the stamp inside? We all had to get inside a taxi, after all, which means that a whole bunch of the money we got for the job went out the window, because the bitch had it in her to call us back from different part of the city - and some of us weren't even from the city, they were from the villages around the city.

But all right, we did it anyways, because we all know the commubnists are assholes anyway (last time I hadto do this job, it was once again USL who always had to complain and whine and get us in trouble and stuff. I think they have to partake of a few months of training just to be told how to annoy people).

What surprises me is the fact that after Romania just got out of communism a few years ago - an era that put us where we are now with corruption being the main word to describe this country - freaking people still didn't learn ONE THING.

Well, all right, let's hand it to the USL they knew what they were doing. They made the law this time in that way, so every student (which means, educated person) would have to go home to vote. Now, since our city is home to probably one of the most educated people who come all over the country, until today we managed to downvote the asshole from the eastern part of Romania, who only live on our back, because god forbid them to actually work and not just demand the country give them everything.

So this meant that every educated person had to go home, which, of course means that the assholes were a lot more around here, which brings us back to freaking communists everywhere.

And all this because people are idiots to actually believe that something "new" would be something better.

I have to tell you, I'm so enraged, I am almost trembling.

Really, people? THIS is what we came down to - ONCE AGAIN?

And you are STILL SURPRISED that EVERY SINGLE COMPETENT PERSON lives this asshole country for a better one?

Don't mind me if I will do the same thing as soon as I get my papers.

Also, this brings me to the last thing I want to say.

Until today I was all in favor of tourists coming to visit this country. Now I just want to say - please, please please stay away from this place. I'm hoping that would finally pull the asshole quota over to the brink of falling into a chasm.

I also hope some day someone would finally wake up and separate Transylvania from the assholes who leave to the east of us. They are all lazy, uneducated communists, who will take everything from you, and then demand even more.

Also, it won't surprise me that the thing one of our professor mentioned will coem into fruitition:  in 50 years this country will be lead of thiefing gypsies who won't give a shit about our rights.

So think about this, for a moment. You may call me a stupid, racist, asshole who isn't at all intelligent enough to actually put two and two together, but I think you all out there know in the deep of your heart that this country is doomed to follow Greece sooner or later. May this happen as soon as possible.