...am going to show you guys today are a couple of cool old pics.

They are not mine, of course, but every one of these seems to have a pretty cool story behind it, so I wanted to show them to you guys.

Abraham Lincoln at Antietam

This pic is way back from 1862, when Abraham Lincoln stood tall on the battlefield of Antietam. Lincoln was apparently desperate to finally win a battle, and he promised to "God" that if he will win this one, he will free the slaves. Though it was probably the bloodiest battle in the history of America, they managed to win. The pic you see above was made one day before he proclaimed the slaves free. The guy on the left of him is Allan Pinkerton, and the one on the right of him is General McClernand. 

The First Flight

This, ladies and gentlemen is a pic about the first flight. At the controls of the plane is Orville Wright. Wilbur Wright is the guy running along his brother, helping out with balancing the machine. The date of this pic is 1903. 

Albert Einstein and Wife

In case you didn't guess by now, the guy on the image is Albert Einstein, accompanied by his wife. They seem to be on the board of a ship, though not really sure which ship, and where they are going. Maybe someone could find this one out? 

Thomas A. Edison and

This one is Thomas Edison, and his wife. But here's the challenge: what is the object the men are holding - and who is the other guy? 

Madame Curie

And to have a genius woman on pics too, here is Madam Curie on the arms of President Warren Harding, walking down the steps of the White House. The pic is from between 1921 and 1923. 

Central High School.

What do you think, how old are these people, and who are they? You give up? Well, these are actually high school kids, who were in the Orchestra somewhere between 1905 and 1945. 

Junior High School:

And these kids are in a Junior High School classroom, somewhere between the same time period as the previous photo. 

Baking School

Though there was no Master Chef or Cake Boss back then, young people still got together to learn how to make some good food. In this particular pic you can see a baking class. Those breads look delicious.  The pic is from 1918. 

National School Fine

I guess that even in those years, if you considered yourself weird enough, you became an arts student. The pic is from 1905 and 1945. 

Stock Exchange Bombing

The picture above is from 1920, when a bomb shook the whole Wall Street. I'm not going to explain what happened there- it would be pretty disturbing -, but you must know that there were a whole lot of dead and even more injured people. You know those slasher horror movies where limbs and heads and all kinds of body parts fly all over the place? Imagine something like that - only it's actually real. 

Great Dayton Flood

This is a photo of the aftermath of a Flood in Great Dayton, taken in 1913. It looks absolutely horrible. Check out that over-turned house in the background. 

This is for all you Doctor Who fans out there. The pic is about a program on the BBC, which was made to inform people about some driving errors. It was taken in 1939. 

Would you guess what this huge thing was for? Look in the background! It's the construction of the Hoover Dam. 

I think all you guys know about baby cages by now. They were attached to high buildings in London, for those families that had no gardens to bring the babies out to. I'm not sure how safe these things are,  but they did exist for a reason. 

Indian with Bow and Arrow

Not taken for a film, in case you were wondering. It was taken in 1908. The Indian hold a bow in his mouth so he can quickly reload his bow. 

Holton Arms School

Do you remember those times when between classes you rushed outside to the playground and had some fun with nice social games? Yeah, I guess it all died out with about my generation. This pic though still has a bit of that essence to it, even if it was made between 1905 and 1945. I'm thinking they are playing some sort of dodge-ball, and the kids on the side were already taken out. WHat's your theory? 

Old Time Christmas

Wow, look at all those presents! And that tree is pretty big too. Considering that it was also taken between 1905 and 1945, I'm going to go ahead and say that this family must have been pretty rich. The little boy is apparently named Clark and the girl is Margaret. Don't ask me who they are, though. 

Slave Auction

This pic was taken in 1864, during the War on the West. What do you think about that shop? 

Bear Cub

Between 1900 and 1930 people were still pretty badass. Here, you can see a couple of kids playing around with a bear cub (OMG how cute that cub is!). Somehow, somewhere I must have read about people teaching bears to "dance" too, though I really have no idea where. (If I remember correctly they made them jump on hot coals or something). Still this pic is pretty awesome. 

Alaskan Gold Nuggets

When I was a kid I also had a short period of time when I read books about the times when people rushed to the northern parts of the American continent to mine for gold (Jack London, anyone?). What you can see in this pic is a day's worth of gold. Yeah, in 1915, in Alaska, this is the amount of gold that people mined a day. 

Goebbels Wedding (Hitler in the back)

Check this one out! It's a pic of a wedding- Joseph Goebbel's, to be exact. And if you look closer, you shall see his best man. Yeah, it's Hitler. 

Real Samurai

Between 1860 and 1880, this pic was taken... these guys are all Samurai. Here's another challenge: can anyone read the signs on the wall? 

This is one of the heaviest tanks created in the Second World War, named Tiger II. It was about 69 tonnes. The pic was taken in 1944 in Budapest, Hungary. 

Lumberjacks in California

These lumberjacks from California took some "fun" pics about the beautiful Redwood trees they cut down. Those poor trees were thousands of years old...

Train derailement at Gare Montparnasse

1895, Paris, France. Don't ask me how a train managed to derail in this way. The driver was probably drunk on something. The only one who died was an innocent woman, who was crushed under the falling masonry. The driver and the conductor were given a 50- and a 25- frank fine respectively. 

Ferdinand Porsche showcasing beetle

This is Ferdinand Porsche, showing the new Volkswagen Beetle to Hitler, sometime in 1935. I'm guessing by the look on Hitler's face, he really loved it.