...am just going to throw out there today are a couple of interesting facts.

As usual, these things will probably not help you in anything, so you can feel free to forget them as soon as you read them, but I DID find them pretty nice, so I wanted to share them.
Also, I'm pretty sleepy- for some strange reason all I wanted to do all day was to sleep (I swear to God, I almost fell asleep on the bus towards Uni). I'm blaming it on the weirdly hot weather. Seriously the last few days were practically late spring (or middle autumn, depending on your preference).

Also, since no one actually wanted to write a guest post today - I guess throwing the idea out there in the last possible minute WILL get you these results (Tho everyone promised to write one at a later date, so maybe we could do a whole week of these things... I shall think about that and see what comes of it - and you could also add some of your ideas in the future, since I made it pretty easy for everyone to just drop in a word or two. I don't even mind what language you use. Google Translate exists for a reason.)

But now, let's get started on these cool facts.

In case you are wondering who Alex is - he was a really smart parrot, he could recognize fifty objects, he could count to six, he knew seven colors and five shapes - and he also knew what bigger, smaller, same or different meant. He knew 150 words, and he seemed to understand perfectly what he said. For example, he could identify an object no matter what size, color or shape it was, and he could tell which characteristics were different from the ones he already knew. When he grew tired of all the testings, he would say "Wanna go back", or "Wanna go" wherever he wanted to go. He also grew annoyed and bored sometimes, and when he did he either answered questions purposefully incorrectly, or just threw a fit. 

A study conducted by a Swiss university showed that stockbrokers are more reckless and manipulate than diagnosed psychopaths