...haven't read too much about nowadays are mysteries.

And since I didn't, I thought you didn't either, so I took it upon myself to gather up a couple of them. Just in case, you know.
So let's get started!

1. Faster than light.

All right, so we all know that the fastest thing in this world is light, don't we? It was proven and all that crap. And even if you love conspiracy theories and read about some other mysterious forced that are even faster than light, you always knew deep down that that is an insane idea.

The scientists told you so, didn't they?

Well, apparently now they are rethinking the theory. And not just any little fake scientist from the end of the world no -one actually heard about. These are CERN scientists.

So let me get to the point of this. 174 physicists shot out some particles between Italy and Switzerland, and then after some analysis they concluded that these particles arrived at the end of the track 17 millionth of a second earlier than they expected. This doesn't mean much, since they could have made some mistakes in the analysis or something, so they decided to run the test once again. Interestingly that one came back with the same results. So this means, that there is something that's faster than light.

In these instances I bet that a whole bunch of fake scientists are jumping up and down in glee shouting out "I -told-you-so" because of their lucky guess.

I have to disappoint you guys tho, before we go any further. Since then, some more scientists did the same experiment and came up with the results that CERN made some mistakes. So the whole theory seems to once again sink back into the fake science category. Or is it?

2. Skyquakes

This year a whole knew category of conspiracy theories was unearthed - at least it was new to me - that focused on strange booming, trumpeting noises coming from either the sky or the Earth- no one actually seems to know from where.

There are quite a few people saying that these are evidence either of extra-terrestrial activity, or just some crazy hidden government experiments, but there's one thing that's common in both: it's absolutely weird.

Check out this video if you want to hear it.

3. Lizzie Williams a.k.a Jack the Ripper

I hope that everyone know who Jack the Ripper is - well, as far as you can know an unknown criminal. In case the answer to this is a big NO, let me call you retarded, and then here's an explanation: he's the guy who brutally murdered a bunch of prostitutes in London, back in 1888. 

Except, apparently Jack the Ripper wasn't a man after all. Well, at least, that's what some people seem to believe. You see, there lived one a Sir John Williams (no, not the composer), who was the Royal Physician. And as people tended to get married in those years just as much as they do now, he had a wife, by the name of Lizzie. 

The people who claim that Jackie boy was actually a girl bring a whole bunch of different facts to front, including the following: there was no sexual assault, one of the victims had a few small buttons covered with blood around her that came from a lady's boot, the personal items that were found at the feet of the victims were feminine, and there were remnants of a woman's clothes found in Mary Kelly's (last victim of Jack) fireplace that wasn't worn by the girl. 

There is also the fact that Mary Kelly was having an affair with Sir John (who also ran abortion clinics, surprise, surprise). Also, Lizzie couldn't have children - and three out of five victims had their wombs ripped out. Coincidence? 

Also, after the last victim was murdered Lizzie suddenly suffered a mental breakdown, and died later in 1912 without ever being questioned by the police. 

4. Chinese Mirage 

This one is pretty awesome when it comes to "weird". You see, this is about East China, and the Xin'an river - where apparently, after some rain an amazing thing happened. Instead of the forest that can usually be seen on the horizon, now there stood a whole freaking CITY! Out of the Blue. And I'm writing "Blue", with a big B, because apparently people thing this is the fault of Project Blue Beam. 

PBB is pretty neat- it's a project that makes holograms (and apparently a lot of people think that they have the ability to produce large scale holograms that would make pretty nice UFO's too.)

You can check out what PBB can do in the next video: 

Awesome, isn't it? (Mom, you asked me what will we want next Xmas... maybe a ticket to a cinema with Augmented Reality movies?) 

And if you are curious about the Chinese mirage city, here's the short report: 

Tho now that you know this actually exits already, I bet that even more people will become more paranoid in what they think it's real or not...