...heard some complaints about today is my posting schedule.

Yeah, it was coming from my sister, who also wrote you guys a post and apparently wants it posted ASAP.
Well, here we go then. Far be it from me to disappoint her. Meanwhile here's another message, you guys who still have to pass me your articles: GET ON WITH IT!

All right, this is where my sister comes up. Sit back and enjoy.

So, me and my sister were thinking to get a tattoo. I`m a bit afraid to do it because it hurts, but I really want to do this.

This is what I want :

I want to tattoo it on my leg, and I don`t want it this big J But if they can`t make this tattoo on the size I wanted, than I am going to have this one:

*My sister wants something like this:

But she doesn't like that snake, so she would like it more with this kind of snake:

Do you know what are the steps to get a tattoo?  The first step is to complete all paperwork required, comply with age verification they require and give your payment. The second one is that you will sit down on a chair just like that of a dentist's and relax. It normally has a headrest to help you feel at ease and if you can go to sleep during the process, then take a nap. The third one is to shave the area where the tattoo will be placed and then cleaning it before the artist starts his work. The fourth one is that the tattooing will be guided by a stencil applied to the skin beforehand. This will be the drawing of the tattoo design. The fifth one is the coloring and shading of the tattoo. The last step in the procedure is the bandaging of your tattoo, and the artist will brief you on the after-care procedures that you have to follow.

I  was really amused when I was watching these photos: 

What the fuck ? Seriously are you crazy?? 

And what do you think about these tattoos? 

And this concludes my sister's article! 

But now I have to mention something related to it. Since the article was written my sister asked around, and apparently it is not recommended to get a finger tattoo because it would fade very-very quickly. Thankfully we want to do our homework before actually getting down to this, not like SOME people (pictured a little bit above). 

Thus, I'm currently thinking about getting a tattoo on my forearm. I still want some kind of snake, but I'm not dead-set on anything yet. As I said, this kind of thing takes up time, I don't want to end up regretting it. 

I also have to admit that like the nerd I am I was actually contemplating getting some kind of HP tattoo - though I think I shall leave that as a second one at a later time. If I go ahead and do something like that I want it to be original, not like the mostly crappy ones I can see on the internet. 

But what do you guys think about all of this? Should I stick to the snake or change it to something else? Do you have any suggestions? (I know this kind of thing is REALLY personal, but still. I want your thoughts on it)