...managed to get stuck on these last few days are those stupid logo games.

I've been playing it on my comp at first, but today I managed to find a tablet (android) version for it too, and now I'm doomed.

And so I won't be doing it alone, I thought that today I shall write a short little post about where you can find the internet versions, and basically what you have to do. As usual, the title is linked to the site, so you will only have to click on them and enjoy the game.

1. Corporate Logos

This is what you have to play with. Once you are on the site, just click on the play game button, and write the name of each logo in the little box that appears. You have six full minutes to finish it, and believe me, it isn't as easy as you might think. I have to admit that I usually get the correct answers for about 2/3 of these, but then it gets hard, especially because I don't live in America, and most of these logos are well known over there.

2. Corporate Logos II

Basically, the same thing goes with this one too. And as you can see, this one is again absolutely new, compared to the first one, so no matter how hard you want it, you won't be able to get a hint from there. To tell you the truth, when I'm alone and I can't ask people around me for some extra ideas, I just try to Google the whole thing. Believe me, it's actually quite fun, because you are on a time roll and you don't really know what keywords you should use. 

I could help you out with some of these, but then again, I'm an absolute asshole, and won't do that. Instead, here's another hint. Most of these logos are, I bet, somewhat familiar to you, right? They were to me, at least. And thus, I was able to put them in a category, like mobile phone companies, or internet sites. You'll just have to search them up that way, if you don't want to get the exact walktrough for the game. 

4. Car Logos

I'm absolutely horrible when it comes to guessing car logos - one of the reasons why I don't wish to be in a car accident. I admit, I had my sister and her boyfriend help me out in this one, though we still didn't manage to write them all out. 

This one is the easiest one yet - I managed to answer all of them without a problem. The fonts are mostly TV shows, but there are some corporate logos thrown in there too, to mess with your head. (And if you were wondering, Sporcle is the name of the site).

+1. Cartoons 

And another last one for the people who managed to watch quite a few cartoons during their childhood AND half of their adulthood. I salute you, if you manage to get at least 2/3 right. Come on, it's easy!