...prepared for you guys today are a couple of things that will more than likely disgust you.

And before you ask me what in had in mind, I shall present to you, the worst reality shows - ever.
Before we start however I have to tell you guys that I'm totally aware of the fact that every reality show nowadays is scripted. And knowing that doesn't make things any easier. In fact, I was wondering who the hell makes these things up? Seriously guys?

1. My Strange Addiction

As the title says, this weird and absolutely gross series portrays different people with unusual compulsive behaviors - and I'm using the word "unusually" loosely. You see, the series actually shows a bunch of really sick people.

I'm really not sure why they put these basket cases on TV - I'm guessing they find it entertaining to laugh at the misfortune of others. This is about the same as those old Circuses were where people went to look at "freaks".


The series include disorders like Alzheimer, psychosis, OCD, objectophilia, bulimia and other things that should be turned into a laughing matter. If you're still not convinced that this is actually horrible, take a look at the next video (note that I tried to stay away from truly disturbing topics like having sex with cars or eating poo.)

2. My Super Sweet 16 

All right, so there's probably no worse thing than eating poop (and actually admitting it on TV), but I thought I will show you something disturbing in a whole new way. 

This show will more than likely make you so angry you will want to punch in a wall (I'm guessing this is the reason why people in America walk around with guns?). 

The sad thing is that I can actually see things like these happening, even if the show is scripted - quite frankly, I think I even know one or two asshole teenagers of the kind. And to think about the fact that while these douche-bags whine about something or other millions of people starve to death, well... 

Look guys, I know that I'm not exactly a model citizen, I don't give thing to charity and we usually buy the food that we like and not the cheapest option, but still. If we're bad people what will happen to these little princesses? 

3. Toddlers and Tiaras 

While we are on the topic of some ass-kisser parents and their scumbag children, why not take a look at this one, right? (And maybe I shall mention that absolutely dreadful spin-off of it called Here Comes Honey Boo Boo) 

So what's so sickening about this? It's a bunch of kids competing in a beauty pageant, right? Well, you might be right, but if you take a look at the show you'll realize that the world of child pageants is actually the entrance door to hell (and the preferred after-dinner show for people suffering from "strange addictions". Yeah I was talking about pedophilia in case you didn't get that)

The way some parents treat their kids is dreadful. The make-up, the wigs, the terrifying costumes and fake teeth and yes - even plastic surgery, is out of this world. 

What do you think, are these shows somehow related? Will these little children become those asshole teenagers on MTV, or will they suffer from some psychical disease sooner or later? 

4. Who's Your Daddy?

I never really liked shows like The Bachelor and other spin-offs of it. Most of the people on there were absolute idiots, and I could feel my IQ dropping every single second the show was on my screen. (And I don't have that high IQ anyways, so I should take care of it, right?) 

Well, this show was apparently similar to that one, only it started out with an adopted person being put inside a room with 25 men. One of these men was apparently the biological father, while all the others were actors, trying to convince her that they were the "daddy" - for 100000 dollars. 

So, if the adopted person would guess who the real father was, he or she would win the money. If the contestant didn't guess, the actor would go away with some nice payment. 

Now, I don't really know what's wrong with people if they want to handle their affairs in this way. I think that finding out that you were adopted will more than likely always be a thorn in someone's side, no matter who that person is. So handling a personal matter that's difficult even in private in this way sits pretty wrong with me? Am I alone in this?

(Besides, why someone would actually want to look for their biological parents after they put them up for adoption is beyond me. Even if it was a necessity... why would you want to put not only yourself but possibly a whole bunch of other people trough misery?)

5. The Swan

And in this category I also nominate every other "reality show" that takes a poor unfortunate woman in the looks department, puts her trough a bunch of surgeries and then makes a whole show around it.

I mean, it's not like plastic surgeries are THAT rare nowadays. It's not that what's bothering me about it. It's only the fact that these women actually put themselves through all of it ON TELEVISION where everyone can look at them.

And to top it all off, The Swan takes this to another level. It doesn't really end with these women showing up before their families, oh no. They actually place them into a beauty contest too.

 Really? I mean, how sadistic can people get?