...realized yesterday is that we didn't have any ice-cream since summer.

I also have to admit that I've been thinking about what kind of dessert I should make for today, and I remembered that we still have some frozen berries in the freezer.
Thus, the idea was born.

We got some tasty vanilla ice-cream from the store and I decided to make some home-made sauce for it. You know, so we could also try out that famous hot and cold duo I always see on the internet.

The recipe for it is pretty simple, actually, and you can be ready with it in about 5 minutes at tops - just don't forget to take the frozen berries out of the freezer before you make it, so it wouldn't melt down into your sauce and water it down.

Or... you know. You could also use fresh berries if it's the season.

So what you'll have to first do is to simply pour some rum in a pan and heat it up, while slowly adding sugar to it until it's all caramelized. Then you can add the berries to the mix. Don't worry if the berries can't be totally mashed up - it's actually even better if you leave some of them whole.

While the sauce is getting ready you should place the ice-cream into little bowls, and if you are into that stuff, you can also put one or two ladyfingers in it.

Then take the hot sauce off the fire and dribble it on your ice cream.

It will be perfect!

And it's not only because the hot sauce will melt the ice-cream (I actually love melted ice-cream!).

The sweetness of the vanilla flavor is accented when you also get a mouthful of the sweetly-sour sauce.

The hotness of the sauce will also make the lady-fingers just soft enough to actually melt in your mouth.

Here's some pics of the little heaven of today: