...had to do this weekend was to study.

Yes, I'm still not finished with the damned exams (after the one I have tomorrow, I still have one coming up the next week).

Which...you know. I will hopefully pass so I won't have to do it all over again.

But all this studying gave me the idea of posting a couple of videos about pretty amazing, and at the both time terrifying natural phenomena.

You might have heard of some and you might even know some of the videos, but still, it will be worth it to just take a look once again.

1. A dust storm in Australia

Sand storms are usually common in (semi)arid areas, where really strong winds can transport dust particles for long, long miles. As you can see, these storms travel pretty fast, so it's probably best if you shelter yourself somewhere. These things can cause quite a few health issues, and they can even kill you if you are particularly sensitive (thus, all you guys with asthma should definitely run for cover).  

2. A Sand Storm in Saudi Arabia 

If the previous one was unclear, this one will be surely a good enough video to check it out how fast it approaches. The whole storm arrives in barely 2-2,5 minutes. 

3. Tsunami in Japan 

This one is kind of an old story, but I still love looking at these kind of videos from time to time. I actually find it fascinating that simple water can cause this much damage. I do not envy the people there but I also think they handled the whole thing amazingly. I don't even know how the person who filmed this could even come up with the idea of getting his camera out. Even as I watched this video I wanted to scream at him to get the fuck out of there. 

4. Earthquake before the tsunami in Japan 

There are a bunch of different videos put together. They were all made by different people during the disaster, and eventually put together after the whole things was over. 

5. Tornado in Kansas 

This probably doesn't look too bad - because there aren't many people around the place -, but was still thinking about the sanity of the people hanging around that road. Sure, I also think that tornadoes are actually kind of pretty, but then when I see one, I don't think I would stand around and hope for it to turn around or disappear. I think these guys had an amazing luck with it. 

6. Hailstorm in Texas

Most of us have witnessed some pretty bad hailstorms in our lives, but I don't think you've seen this kind of thing ever happen before. Well, unless you lived in Texas at that time. Sure, not all the hail is the size of that, but still. Imagine one of these hitting you on the head.