...stumbled upon today was a blog post about an awesome place.

It really seems like an amazing adventure, so I wanted to share it with you guys. The place's name is "Wizard Quest", and you can find their website here.  Also, if you are curious about the blog post I read, you can click on THIS link and check it out.

This place is now one of the top things I will want to visit in the future... hopefully with a bunch of friends (a group must have 12 members) so we can tackle all the clues and secrets to free the trapped wizards.

Doesn't this look awesome? Just imagine the fun all you nerds out there would have with this!

But, for today I had something different planned, so let's leave this quirky little world behind us, sit back in our chairs and marvel at the human imagination.

You see a couple of days ago I went out and got a box of weird bubble-gum flavored cupcake mix. You have to realize that I've never actually had a cupcake before (even muffins were kind of new for about a year or two now), so my sister and I were kind of excited to see what will happen.

This was the result:

I had the bright idea of making the cream on top of it too early and it got a bit hard until we could put it on the cupcakes, but it was good nonetheless. Well... it was definitely weird, because at first I really didn't want to swallow it (I guess swallowing something that tastes so much like bubble gum is already against human nature), but in the end it was good. I think I could get used to trying out new cupcakes every once in a while. 

Thus today I went for a little hunt to check out what kind of weird cupcake flavorings people came up with. There are quite a few really, really weird sounding ones, but to tell you the truth, I would try them all out at least once. I think that's our family's motto when it comes to food anyways. 

Sooo, let's get started! (By the way, the titles lead to the recipe, so if you try them out tell me how good it was!) 

Guess the flavor:

This sounds a little bit... well, eccentric, but I bet that most of you James Bond lovers would try this one out. Well, I would too, even though I'm not at all fond of James Bond. Sure, it sounds weird, but I don't think there is anything I don't like in that recipe, so why not give it a chance? I ate many more worse stuff, I imagine. 

Until now I really didn't have any idea what an Okra is - i never heard of it, and can't even imagine what it would taste like. Thus, I'm adding this little gem I found out there, mainly for the possibility of sometime in the future trying it out. IF I ever come across it, I'll be sure to tell you about the experience. 

Well, it seems there's no shortage of cupcakes with alcohol (and sometimes bacon... possibly the Holy Trinity when it comes to America). Still, I wouldn't say no if someone would offer me a piece of this. It looks delicious, and I bet it would give everyone that little buzz a party usually needs.

Lasagna is always good, no matter what anyone says. I love lasagna. I'm like a huge Garfield (lazy, fat, sarcastic, but thoroughly entertaining... what? Don't look at me like that!), and as such, I would proclaim every second day Lasagna day. And who wouldn't want to eat bite-sized lasagna cupcakes? 

Yep, that's absolutely weird. I have really no idea how this would work (I should probably ask mom about it, who, when pregnant had sudden cravings for pickles and cake... oh wait, was this invented for pregnant women?). Still, I'm willing to give it a try. 

Oh, and two more pics, but this time without the actual recipes for two friends of mine... Hope you enjoy them!