...promised yesterday was that I will comment on this year's Oscar nominations.

And since I'm a person of honor, here's today blog post about the upcoming event.

I'm only going to comment on the best movies-animations-documentaries, because I really don't care to watch all these movies and comment on the acting, or screenplay or whatever. I'll probably add a few comments about those when the Oscars roll in and I've watched the show, tho, so come back and check it out later on.

But let's get started with the Best Picture nominations. (You should know that I've never heard of most of these movies until now, so the reactions you're getting are pretty genuine as I watch the trailers)

1. Amour

This trailer is pretty boring, at least as far as I see - and it really doesn't catch my fancy. Maybe, because it's French. As you already know I'm not a huge French movie fan, and to tell you the truth, the title already repels me. 

2. Argo

Just watching this trailer I have really no idea what this movie is actually about (is it a drama, is it a comedy?) - but since I'm a curious person, I went ahead and did some research on it. Apparently it's about some Americans being taken as hostages and some random guy coming up with a plan to save them by pretending to hunt for the best location for a movie. Oh, by the way, according to IMDb it's a drama. Damn. 

3. Beasts of the Southern Wild

Now THIS is something that sounds promising... but let me watch the trailer to be able to say something more about it...

Oh wait. I already saw this trailer, and I liked it - it kind of reminds me of Touch. Yeah, I'll definitely want to watch this one. The little girl is also apparently nominated as the best actress. Wow. I hope she wins. 

4. Django Unchained 

A movie with Leonardo DiCaprio in it is usually enough to turn me off, but to tell you the truth this one actually looks good too. Damn, this is already the second movie I will want to check out. And I don't even like westerns. 

5. Les Miserables 

I knew this one will be nominated... and at the moment I'm actually quite baffled about what I should feel about this. It looks great, and it has pretty good actors... but I'm not sure I like all that singing stuff in it. I don't know much about Les Miserables, to tell you the truth - sure, I've heard of it, and know what it's mainly about, but never read the damned thing. But if you ask me, I'll probably check this few hours worth of suffering out, purely because the story is considered one of those general culture things. 

6. Life of Pi

Back when this came out I was almost torn between going to the cinema to watch this or Cloud Atlas. Well, since I already read Cloud Atlas and managed to get a bunch of people excited about it, I chose that one. But that doesn't mean I will neglect checking this movie (and book) out in the future. It looks incredible. 

Oh fuck. I'm actually starting to look forward to this year's show, and getting excited about who will win. What's happening here? 

7. Lincoln 

I had a big misconception about this, because when I first heard "Lincoln", my thoughts went to vampires instantly. I was a little bit curious about why a vampire movie was nominated for the Oscars, but now I realize why. Because it's not the same freaking movie. Damn. I'll probably check it out because of the same reasons I will watch Les Miserables, but I'm pretty sure this won't become a favorite movie. 

8. Silver Lining Playbook

Woo, Bradley Cooper and the Hunger Games chick. Yeah. This looks like one of those boring chick flicks most everyone will say they hate, but watch it nonetheless. I'll be truthful, tho. I'll probably check it out on a slow evening when I have a big cup of mulled wine at hand. It'll help me go to sleep. 

9. Zero Dark Thirty 

Everyone out there is expecting this movie to win the Oscars - including me. And I'm not saying this because it's the best freaking movie of all time. It will win purely because those old fucks in the Oscar committee will consider themselves bad Americans if they won't vote this one up. And really, I think most of you guys out there will just forward the full movie to the point where Osama gets his ass handed to him. 

All right, let's go forward, with the Animated movies!

1. Brave

Awesome movie - you know I've been listening to it's soundtrack even today. I'm a huge fan of it. I do hope it will win. 

2.  Frankenweenie

Ugh, this one I haven't watched yet, but I'm not hurrying off to check it out either. It's a typical Tim Burton cartoon - and since I never actually loved any Tim Burton cartoons this far I don't think that will change. 

3. ParaNorman

I wasn't really interested in watching this animated movie at first, but now that I read a few comments about it, I definitely WANT to see it. You know, just so I can give you guys another talk about homophobic assholes. 

4. The Pirates! Band of Misfits 

It's a pretty weird animated movie, to tell you the truth - yeah, I watched it, and didn't become a huge fan. Sure, it has its moments and all, but I didn't like it as much as I did Chicken Run. As I said, it has a couple of good laughs for those who know where to look, but I don't think this will ever become a huge hit. 

5. Wreck-It-Ralph 

This was supposed to be an awesome movie for old time video game players, and I was looking forward to it like you can't imagine. Well, it was pretty nice at first, but from about the 15 minute mark it started to lack all the things I actually wanted to see. This animated movie promised a huge amount of game characters... but in the end it somehow failed to deliver. A shame, really... 

And now to the Documentaries. 

1. 5 Broken Cameras

This seems like a pretty sad but beautiful movie. It really does give back some of what and who we are. I will definitely want to see this. 

2. The Gatekeepers 

Is it just me, or suddenly there are a whole bunch of different movies about war and devastation? Well, whatever you guys think, the sad truth is that these things actually happened. Might as well get to know our History. 

3. How to Survive a Plague

Wow, it's rare to see a trailer nowadays that can leave us in tears, and this one is a winner in that regard. It's a movie about the early days of Aids, and how people fought for their lives. I think I'll learn a whole bunch of things from this one, mostly about how amazing some people can be, and how big of an asshole another one can turn into. 

4. The Invisible War

Again, a situation that should have been never allowed to happen. It's so weird to see that even today something like this would happen. Sure, this is a movie about military women being raped in the army, but I really want to also know how many men are in the same situation, because for some reason people tend to believe that THAT doesn't really happen. I really wish someone who has it in him or her to do such a thing would be shot in the head. 

5. Searching for Sugar Man

This one is probably the only documentary on this list I don't really want to see, mainly because I have absolutely no idea who this guy is. But maybe that should be a good enough reason to watch it... 

So these are the main movies this year is all about. What do you guys think, who will win?