... have to tell you guys, is that sometimes being thrown back into action is the best way.

As you already know, I spent the last few weeks mostly in hibernation. But, sadly, everything good will sooner or later come to an end, so with the start of the new year, I was basically thrown in the middle of the deepest lake.
You see, next week I will be having two exams already. One of them was already expected, since we finally signed up for the Alpha (basically a foreign language - for me, English - exam, which will grant you a diploma in the end, and which is needed for your master's degree). The other one- not so much.

But apparently the gods smiled upon us, because I managed to run into one of my friends, who is one year below me at the same Uni, and took the same class as we did. You know, the one that was taught to us in English, by an Italian guy. And since most of the people who attended that class were from her year - we were only 2 from my year- we remained with the thought that she shall email me the lessons and any other info we will need.

Well, apparently there was some miscommunication, because we didn't get any lessons or any other emails about the Italian guy planning to have the exam on Monday.

Thankfully, tho, everything is under control now. I think I WILL have the time and ability to study up on that class (especially since I paid special attention to it, and loved the class to bits, so the whole process will be more like a repetition than an actual study). And same goes with the English one - which will be happening next Saturday, so keep your fingers crossed, because I don't have money to have to repeat it (Yes, I had to pay to be able to take the test).

But I have some good news too.

Since today was the first day of class, our professor decided to keep it simple and he just showed us a couple of documentaries. This gave me the idea of sharing some pretty nice documentaries I watched, or plan on watching as soon as possible.

1. The Ghost in Your Genes

This documentary is basically about how genetics work, how everything your ancestors did affects you - and how what you do will affect your descendants. I think it had some pretty good explanations for those who had some troubles back in high school with the basic genetics class. The video above this description includes the whole documentary, so check it out. It's only an hour long!

2. Tesla: Master of Lightning

One of the best documentaries you'll ever see about Tesla, and how his work affects us until these days. When I see movies like this, I always imagine what the guy who it is about would say if he knew how revered he is.

3. The Cleantech Future

What would a documentary post without an eco-friendly movie be, right? The Cleantech Future shows us some pretty interesting things that await us. 

4. The Dirtiest Place on Earth

If you ever wondered which place you should never-ever visit, here's a short little documentary. I think that the title explains it all - but be careful for disturbing pics. 

All right, guys, I think this will be enough to pull you over till my next post. BUT if it isn't, you may LOVE this site.  It has a whole bunch of documentaries about whatever you might want - and you can watch them free. So check in there once in a while, maybe you'll learn something new.