...was told is to write something about GoT again.

The problem is only that I'm absolutely tired today (again, apparently, as yesterday's lack of post shows), and I don't think I could put two intelligent thoughts together, really.

So, what I came up with is a short list of  upcoming TV shows/series that I will probably check out. Well... they sound interesting enough to see the first few episodes, and then we shall see. 

Fooled you. 

I might be tired, but I can still tell if a TV series is promising. And to tell you the truth, besides the return of the next season of Doctor Who, Touch and Game of Thrones, I don't actually expect there will be ANY good shows this year. 

Glee was stupid from the beginning- I mainly watched it so I knew what my friends were talking about. Community has tiresome comedy, Once Upon a Time is starting to turn into Lost, the second season of American Horror story is a lot less entertaining than the first one (why would you want to tell a story about a mad-house, and then put U.F.Os and aliens in it?),  2 Broke Girls is starting to become annoying, Downton Abbey seems to have ran out of a plot, and The Big Bang Theory seems to suffer from the same disease... and...and that's pretty much it. 

But so you don't live with a bad taste in your mouth, here's a list of actual upcoming TV series - and you must know that I DID select what appeared to be the best (which just brings up the question, if these are the best, what's the average/worst?). 

1. Zero Hour

What's with these actors? What's with the voice-overs? Dear God, can you guys really not find any good writers/actors anymore? And what's with this plot? Indiana Jones+The Da Vinci Code+ National Treasure + Mission Impossible = a piece of crap. Also, we get it already: Winter is coming. A storm is coming. The end of the world is fucking coming. Can we get over it? 

2. Da Vinci's Demons 

Couldn't they made a better trailer at least? This doesn't catch my fancy AT ALL. In fact, it reminds me of that "new" Three Musketeers movie I had to shut down after the first two minutes because it was so lame. Also... When you want to make  a movie about one of the greatest artists/inventors of all time, at least try to know something about the guy. (I mean, come on, isn't it a common knowledge by now that Da Vinci was gay?) Oh, and the people in this movie don't look Italian AT ALL. 

3. Cult

Some random person gets kidnapped and another random person blames it on a TV show named Cult. Or something like that. It seems this year we are going to drown in movies and TV shows about deranged murderers and kidnappers. 

4. The Following

Here's a surprise... A serial killer escapes from prison and makes a nice little club with other serial killers. Well. THAT sounds original. 

5. Do No Harm

This looks like a 12 year old kid made it. So it's basically about a guy with a pretty bad mental illness, with one of those Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndromes. 

6. The Carrie Diaries 

No comment on this one... Just... Oh,Dear Lord, save us! 

But, to cheer you all up: 

Only three more months! (And rumor has it, each episode will be longer by about five whole minutes!  Five! Can you imagine?)