...thought that I should make a list of today are books.

And so we have a common topic, I chose to present to you a couple of famous banned books.
All tight, so to keep this post simple and clean, let's begin.

1. Harry Potter series

Yeah, this one is probably the most obvious one for everyone my age. The Harry Potter series was banned because apparently it promotes witchcraft, and the main character supposedly doesn't have a moral story arc. I'm not sure who comes up with these ideas, but I I think it's probably a person who never even read the books. Also, in case you were wondering, on the official list of banned books, the series was number one from 2000 to 2009. 

2. Bridge to Terabithia 

This book has some even more ridiculous reasons for being banned. First off, for some people apparently, profanity in a book is a no-no. But that's not all. Bridge to Terabithia was also proclaimed not appropriate, because it "encourages disrespect of adults", death is the center of the plot, it blends fantasy and reality- and, can you believe it, it encourages secular humanism and/or satanism. What the fuck, people? Where the fuck did you see satanism in this book? Are you insane? 

3. The Hunger Games 

 The reasons for being banned are that it desensitizes children to murder, encourages violence as entertainment, and it apparently also has drug use. Well, first of all, The Hunger Games is NOT FOR KIDS. Secondly, it does anything BUT encourage violence as entertainment. Dear God, have you even read the book? It's completely the opposite! 

4. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

I read this book quite a few times as a kid, and never even noticed any of the things it was banned for, namely offensive language, and because the word "nigger" was used more than one times in it. Well, what the fuck would you expect from a book that's about in the times when black people were called niggers? It wouldn't be too authentic if people would run around cursing each other's African-American heritage. Oh, and also, if you would have read the book you would have realized that not everyone was an asshole even back then. 

5. And Tango Makes Three

This cute little books is about two male penguins in a zoo, who care for an egg together. The obvious reason for banning it was that it was about "homosexuality", and it has anti-family issues. This ridiculous reason is even more laughable, because the story is not that fictional - it was based on actual penguins from the Central Park Zoo, who created a family together. And if you followed those news, you would have also known that the story ended with the conclusion that the two male penguins made better parents than straight couples. So fuck you critics. 

6. The Da Vinci Code 

Again, a pretty obvious one. This book was banned by the Catholic church, because it's anti-Christian, and it portrays Christ having a physical relationship with Mary Magdalene. Fuck the Catholic Church, the book is awesome!

7. Gulliver's Travels

Everyone read this book - I hope. It's an awesome book both for children and adults. And it's probably the adult part that got it banned, because this book is mainly about political corruption, anti-war sentiments and the injustice of colonization. In the times when Swift wrote it (and had to publish it anonymously), these made a pretty good reason to ban a book. I bet that most people who banned it were Americans. 

8. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 

I could come up with a few reason for this book to get banned, but the reason why it WAS banned is -in my opinion- ridiculous. Apparently, in 1931 China thought that animals that could talk and think like humans is a grave insult to humans, and they believed that the book would teach children to regard humans and animals on the same level. Yeah, because that would be apparently a disaster. What a huge bullshit. 

9. The Lord of the Rings 

You might think that this book would have been banned around the time it was written - around World War II - but no. It was actually burned outside of a church in 2001, because, apparently The Lord of the Rings series is "Satanic". Again... What the fuck? SO what should we read now? The Dictionary? Oh... 

10. Dictionary 

Wow. Just... wow. The American Heritage Dictionary of 1969 was actually banned in 1978, because apparently, it has 39 objectionable words in it. These objectionable words include: "balls", "oral sex", "bed", and "knocker". Really? Fuck you too! (Ban that, pigs)

+1. Grimm's Fairy Tales

A child who doesn't grow up on fairy tales probably never had a good childhood. And let's face it, Grimm's fairy tales are the best of the best. But apparently, some hypersensitive people think that a child reading a fairy tale book is unnatural. In 1989 a few Californian schools banned the books because it contains "misuse of alcohol". The only Grimm story that has Alcohol in it is Little Red Riding Hood. She is bringing it as a gift for her grandmother. Oh, America....