...filled out real quickly today is my wishlist for today's Oscars

I'm going to show it to you now - since I don't have anything better planned for you guys, and tomorrow I will comment on them :P
I was actually thinking about posting stuff (my reactions) live, as I would be watching it - but I would guess that nobody will be actually around to read it, so I won't be doing that - besides, I will only be watching the actual Oscars, and none of the bullshit before and after it when big stars show off their ugly dresses (it's not like I won't see them all once the show actually starts).

Aaaanyways, here's my wishlist, guys, I placed a huge red dot near every one of the movies or people I want to see walk out of that place with a golden statue. Please click on the image to enlarge it - I promise, a big enough version will open up so you can actually read it. Also, this is only my wishlist, guys, and I'm pretty sure that in many points other people will win. But more about that tomorrow!

(And on a side-note, I WILL keep my tablet on while the show is running, so if you have anything to add to it, feel free to do so!)