...promised you guys is that I will comment on today's (for some people yesterday's) Oscars.

First, tho, let me link in my post from yesterday, so you can easily compare the winners to my wishlist.
All right, now that that's done, let me first tell you guys that not read ANY articles about the Oscars. Just so you know that my thoughts on it were not influenced any way - they are all my own.

So, let's start, shall we?

Seth MacFarlane was an amazing choice for this. I actually loved tonight's Oscars the best out of all the Oscars I have ever watched.

You see, I remember how hard they tried last year to actually involve younger generations in this whole business, without any success, mind you. Last year's hosts were boring and they couldn't crack a joke for anything.

This year was WAY better. Sure, I would have never guessed that Seth would be so... held back (compared to his movies). He had some great jokes, tho. He managed to finally bridge that huge hole that screamed at us every year when we watched the old guys go out with either a huge explosion or just a whimper.

He managed to spice things up, even while he wasn't extremely vulgar - which is an awesome point, if you ask me.

Singing about boobs? Freaking awesome! Telling borderline racist jokes double awesome! No matter who you are, I bet that you have at least one joke in your repertoire that comes from Seth, and IT.IS.AWESOME.

Check out his boob song:

Also, there were quite a couple of other instances where they managed to bring in younger viewers - that part about the university students helping them out, and -of course- Daniel Radcliffe being invited to the show (Dear god, I never actually noticed how short he is before this). 

Oh, which reminds me... I have to comment on the part where they decided to put Kristen Stewart and Daniel Radcliffe together to present an award. It was the most awkward, and boring part of the whole show. 

Let me assure you, I'm not THAT big on Daniel Radcliffe - but actually making Stewart do that was PAINFUL. She was the most awful thing there. Even when I got a few glimpses of her in the background, she somehow managed to poison the whole show. 

I do think that she is a vampire. She sucks the fun out of everything. The fact that she apparently arrived there with crutches doesn't even matter. No one actually gives a shit about her - and inviting her just because of the stupid Twilight fans was a boring idea. (But still, I understand the need to involve younger people-  as I said). 

All right, what else? 

Well, there is that part where they actually made a whole big part of the show for geeks! Another thing that they did awesomely, since it appears to me, nowadays at least half of our society actually knows one thing or two about comics and sci-fi, and fantasy. That includes Captain Kirk and Star Trek and  sock puppets (a pointer towards Geek and Sundry, perhaps?) and the flying nun and speaking of nuns - Sound of Freaking Music! Hell yeah! (Oh, I also kind of noticed that they managed to somehow also include a somewhat Disney-ish song, with Seth singing "Be our guest" - which is absolutely Beauty and the Beast. 

Soooo, as the show finally started, with the best supporting actor being the first nomination, I have to say the surprises still weren't done. 

Christoph Waltz for best supporting actor was an absolute weird choice, I really thought that Argo will win in this one too. Still I'm glad that Argo didn't take home every bloody award that exists. It's not THAT good of a movie (even if it won the best movie award :P). 

Now, the next ones being animated shorts and animations - I wasn't at all surprised there. They were really the best choices, if you ask me. Paperman I loved because Disney finally seemed to take a look back at what they were good in - that is, with their animation style being close to hand-made. Brave is still one of the best movies out there - no surprise there, eh Pixar? 

Here I have to take a note that I saw many people were hoping that Wreck-It-Ralph would win. As I said, that particular movie wasn't too bad, but for me it kind of lacked more of a story. I mean, we were promised lots and lots of old time video game characters, and we barely got any - and even them for only a short few minutes. 

Life of Pi winning best cinematography wasn't that big of a surprise either - it IS a pretty great movie, if you ask me. Also, look at the guy's hair. That hair should win an award on itself. 

Same thing goes with the visual effect, to tell you the truth. It's a shame that The Hobbit didn't won any award this year (but hey, there are two more episodes coming out, so it might get better, like LOTR did. Or it might also not - like HP) - especially the best makeup and hairstyling one. Because, come on - what was so great in the hairstyling of Les Miserables? A few chicks with normal hair, and some other nearly bald. I mean... come on, how much work was that, compared to the elaborate hairstyles of some of the dwarfs? :D

Which brings us to best costume - I really didn't expect Anna Karenina to win ANYTHING. I was actually surprised that Les Miserables didn't win this one, since I thought that that particular thing was what Les Miserables was watchable at least. 

Though, I never watched Anna Karenina, so I might be a little out of my league here. 

All right, this brings me to Halle Berry (who walked inside in her stupid dress as if she were drunk, I swear) and all that James Bond part of the show. 

I have to admit, I don't give a fuck about James Bond - I never did, and probably will never watch a movie of the series in my life. But it IS one of those series that manage to bond together a whole many generations, so I understand it once again being there. 

Now, the documentaries. The short one didn't surprise me, because I have no idea what they were about (never actually bothered with them, I'm afraid), but the best documentary movie shocked me. I would have never guessed that something so trivial as a musician would be chosen better as the other topics brought up in those movies. 

The foreign movie didn't surprise me either. I was actually hoping that Amour would win, because I was counting on the part that if it won the best foreign movie it probably won't win the best movie too. (And how right was I?) 

Now, the musicals. 

I kind of have a love and hate relationship with them, and the first two musicals that they chose for the songs were kind of boring (and predictable). Les Miserables was as predictable as the others, but I have to tell you, they did a great show of that one. 

They actually managed to tell the whole fucking movie in those few short moments. A great deal, when it comes to people who never bothered to watch the movie. 

Do yourselves a favor, and stay away from it. You won't get anything extra out of it anyways. 

You can watch the performance here: 

Sure, they have nice voices, but... meh. 

The part where Ted and Mark Walhberg showed up for a nomination was freaking awesome. Even when I didn't like the movie at all - this part was pretty funny. And, of course, how would I Seth to skip this one, right? It IS his creation, after all. 

Then came the sound mixing- which brought no actual surprise once again, but sound editing DID catch me unawares. 

I don't remember that I ever heard of a tie when it came to Oscars (I might have to do some research on that), but still, I would have at least wanted to see something better than a tie between Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty. Still, I guess they had to somehow honor that boring Bin Laden movie, and I'm guessing they couldn't come up with a better way. This is still America, after all. 

The supporting actress was predictable, after all, Anne did quite a good job (at least, it was WAY better than the others - still, I've seen better performances in the history of movies). 

The usual "In Memoriam" part of the Oscars was just as beautiful as always - tho out of all the people they showed here I only knew one (and even that only in a single movie), so I have to admit that it didn't hold the same emotional significance to me as other years. 

Still, I guess we could be glad that a year passed without a MAJOR actor or director or whatever dying. (But I should not take those other people's lives lightly, so don't hold a grudge with me for saying this). 

Film editing was once again a bit of a surprise, since I really thought that Life of Pi would take home the Oscar. I'm actually not sure why Argo is considered such a great movie - well, besides the part where it shows how awesome and brave and honorable and cool and good and everything America is. Also I'm guessing that since everyone thought that Zero Dark Thirty would get at least SOME awards, they wanted to prove people wrong. But without falling down the other side of the horse, you see. 

It wouldn't have been too American if a movie about America wouldn't win. I guess, at least I can say that they managed to chose the lesser evil. 

Best original score was Life of Pi - a good choice, if you ask me. At least it was WAY better than the best original song (being Skyfall). That songs is pretty boring, actually, and anyways, I'm not THAT huge of an Adele fan. 

Also she ind of looked ridiculous singing on that stage. I don't know why, but something about her rubbed me in the wrong way. Not that she doesn't have a beautiful voice. She does. But it still is annoying that everywhere you go, Adele pours from the walls. 

Best adapted screenplay... no surprise there. At all. Still... Bleh. 

The same thing goes with the original screenplay. And best director. 

What surprised me, tho, was the best actress. Really? Jennifer Lawrence? Also, did she actually FALL?  (Which was the best part of her whole performance). I actually don't give a crap about the movie she played in. 

As far as I could see all the snippets in it, it is basically about either her or the main guy having hissy fits and shouting and screaming. Fucking annoying, if you ask me. 

Oh, also the best actor kind of surprised me. I actually never thought that Lincoln would win. I guess it's about the same as with Jennifer, tho still, without the annoying part. 

The best movie didn't surprise me AT ALL, tho. Well expected it, and we were not let down, were we. Still, what was awesome, was the part where Obama (Michelle, not Barack) presented the whole thing. Her speech was kind of nice. In fact, getting her involved in it was kind of weird, but nice. 


I think I managed to get everything down. I hope I did, at least. 

But before I wrap this all up, I just want to say one more thing. I was very disappointed that Beasts of the Southern Wild didn't win ANYTHING. I mean, in my opinion, it was the best freaking movie out of all the Oscars this year. In fact, it was the only movie that managed to catch me unawares and pull some real emotions out of me. 

NONE of the others managed to do that. 

But, oh well, I guess I should be used to this by now, right? (Also I'm sad that the guy who played the little girl's dad wasn't nominated, since he also did a great job.) 

Anyways, this year's Oscars were pretty great. It had a few good laughs (especially the part where Lawrence fell. Fuck yeah! Also, her dress was hideous.), a few sad moments, a few surprises, and disappointments oh, and also anger. Everything that a good show should have. 

Still, the anger part is getting number and number as the years pass by. I'm either getting used to the many disappointments in the industry, or I'm just getting more "adult" about it. Or it could be both. 

So what were your thoughts on the Oscars, guys? You have anything to comments about the dresses? The jokes? The winners and the losers? Feel free to share them! And to finally wrap it up (Yes, this time I'M not just kidding), here's the closing song from Seth. As always, awesome.