...have been asked to write more about are cartoons.

And since I like the idea (and been planning to do this before anyway), I thought that I shall give in.
And because not too long ago (what was it...? Two, maybe three posts ago) I wrote about Disney, I just had to make sure that we get something out of Pixar too.

At first I was actually debating if I should put the two things together (since Pixar is practically owned by Disney - tho Pixar is usually the one who makes the movie and Disney's the one who sells it), but then I realized that Disney has enough stuff on its own, without me adding any more to it.

Thus, this post was born.

(Oh, and yes, if you are interested in something, you may also ask me to look it up and make a post of it. Well... if the topic is interesting to me at least).

But let's get cracking.

First up, UP.

This one is a pretty simple story about an old man who decides that it is time for him to finally visit the place that he and his wife dreamed about since their childhood. Of course, as things go with these things,they come across all kinds of adventures - mainly a supposedly nonexistent bird that's hunted by a crazy guy.

So what was the thing that didn't make the cut?

Well, apparently Up had another sub-plot to it, mainly that the rare bird they help out actually lays an egg, one that Carl eventually takes with him to nurture and give a home to. Also, apparently the egg is pretty valuable (and not just for being rare) - it is actually a youth potion.

I'm actually glad that they took this one out of it, tho - it would have been too generic, and not at all original, in my opinion. And I still think that the movie was awesome the way it was, adding to the already complex web of feelings to it would have been too much. Oh, and by  the way, here's a pic about that subplot:

pixar up egg

All right, on to the movie that made Pixar even better than Disney. Yes, I'm talking about Toy Story. 

And what do you think about when you hear Toy Story? I'm guessing it's Woody, isn't it? Well, if so, let me tell you how fortunate we all were when Pixar decided to actually go with the cowboy toy instead of the little guy that was on a short movie they made: 

(Fuck, that's one scary Pixar movie!) 

Yeah, guys, the little toy in this short was supposed to be the main character in Toy Story. Also, to creep you out some more, the original title of Toy Story was actually "You are a toy". The titles "The Cowboy and the Spaceman","Did not, Did Too" and "I'm with Stupid" were also considered.. Thank you Pixar for not going with any of it! 

On to another one... or, well. Four other ones. 

If you watched the Wall-E Teaser back when it first came out, it told a story. Apparently this little story was somehow missed by a lot of people back then, because I really didn't hear any talking going around about it. 

But since I still found it pretty awesome, I just had to mention it. 

Back when the first Toy Story movie was almost finished, its creators met up in a restaurant and talked about possible future movies. In that single sitting they came up with four additional stories: A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo, Monster, Inc. and Wall-E. 

No matter what you guys say, I think this is an awesome thing. Coming up with not one, not two, but four amazing stories in one sitting is pretty amazing in my opinion. Here, you can check out the video here: 

Oh, Monsters, Inc. - how we adored you (especially Boo). 

And now that Monsters University is coming out, you'll have to know how much work Pixar put into it. 

Tell me, guys, how many cartoons did you see where the characters actually showed a little difference in their age as they got older? Not that many, right? 

Well, apparently Pixar doesn't want this little detail to go unnoticed. In Monsters University our favorite characters are younger not only in theory... you can actually see it with you eyes. Check it out: 

Monsters University concept renderings

Monsters University concept renderings

Monsters University concept renderings

And since the topic of upcoming Pixar movies came up, here are some movies from them that you should look forward to (besides Monster, University): 

The Good Dinosaur - that apparently will be hitting the cinemas sometime next year: 

 Upcoming Pixar movies   2013 and Beyond

This story is supposed to be about an alternate universe, where the asteroid that was blamed for the disappearance of the Dinosaurs never hit the Earth- and now the world is full with giant dinosaurs. Well, no matter what the story will be actually about - once you utter dinosaurs and Pixar in the same sentence, I think you already got a huge hit. I can't wait to see more of this one. 

In 2015 another Pixar movie will come out (hopefully, if the dates won't be shifted), with the second female protagonist Pixar actually has. This one will be pretty unique once again, because it apparently involves a "journey" to the inside of this girl's mind. The movie doesn't have a title yet, but it promises something amazing. 

For 2016 another sequel has been promised to us: Finding Nemo 2. There are no ideas shared about the movie yet, and besides the fact that the studio apparently loves the topic of the story, we were not told anything about it. Ellen will be back to voice Dory, tho, so there's at least one thing to look forward to. We just all hope this won't be another Cars II. 

And for a fourth movie - where there isn't even an approximated date yet revealed, we will have Dia de los Muertos, aka the Day of the Dead (For those who have no idea what this is, feel free to look for it under Halloween, All Hallow's Eve, or Samhain). 

For this one my hopes include not having to sit trough another Tim Burton-esque movie, OR having anything to do with zombies (which, I think is a long shot, but you can't stop me from hoping). Still this movie will be made by the guy who also made Toy Story 3, so I hope it will be at least as good as that one was.