...realize that I missed this year were the Super Bowl ads.

Not that I watch the Super Bowl (I don't really care about the event - and even less about the concerts they throw), I just saw the hype those Beyonce pics made, and it reminded me: I never actually did a "favorite ad" post this year.
Thus, without any further ado, here they are (and trust me, watching 73 ads in one sitting isn't too fun either way).

1. Toyota

Penny here (I'm sorry, I never really remember what her real name is - even when it's written in the title of the video) doesn't really do a huge job, but I liked the ad nevertheless. It has a little bit of humor and it's a bit... different than the others. Not the BEST ad in the world, but pretty good. 

2. Kia

This is pretty awesome, if you ask me. So awesome, in fact that I want this to be made into a movie. Can we? Can we have this as a movie, please? 

3. God of War

I never played this game (don't really know what it's about), but this ad makes it look amazing. And it also has a story to it, which, I find, ads usually lack. 

4. Snickers 

Since the first Snickers ad of this type came up, I'm a HUGE fan of them. This doesn't fail to deliver either. "We will win this for Mother Russia" cracks me up. And oh dear, it's that crazy guy from the Police Academy! WIN! 

5. Sodastream 

Pepsi versus Coca Cola ads were always entertaining - when they made it themselves. I had no idea what Sodastream was (tho now that I looked into it, I know), but I think they made a pretty good job of this. It has two wins: one for not airing it on TV (thus saving money, and ensuring that everyone just watched it on the internet), and the fact that it starts out with Pepsi and Coca Cola, which somehow makes you wonder if this is another one of their little feuds. Genius, I say. 

6. Mayhem

This one gets my vote for using not only religious, but also historic elements - and also adds a dash of humor to it. (But then, when you mix religion and history, all you get will be hilarity.) I'm also expecting this company to be sued by Apple. 

7. Hyundai

It's not always fun to have all those secrets, but you know they all have one or two fun stories behind them. Well, eventually they will be funny. 

8. Axe Apollo

Nothing Beats an astronaut. Never truer words were uttered. Also: what's this new thing about going to space and Axe? 

9. MiO Fit 

If you would be given the task to describe America in 30 seconds how would you do it? Well, I think this Ad does a pretty good job of it. 

10. Lincoln (Steer the Script)

I liked this for the community they built up with their little challenge. I liked this for the cute little stories (that some might say were boring, but I think you don't need to be a national hero to have one or two stories that you feel changed your life in some manner). And I liked it for Wil Wheaton. And you know what? No matter what people say that this is not enough for the Lincoln Motor Company to come back to top - I would actually like to buy one of their cars now. (Even though I don't know how to drive, OR know anything about cars. Which, I guess isn't the best place to start from when you want to buy a car... Ah well.)