...wanted to share with you guys are a couple of interesting facts about Disney movies.

Most of us have seen at least one Disney cartoon or movie in t heir lives (and probably worshiped it after the fact).
Thus, I tried to make up a list of some facts that you probably didn't know about them.

1. Disney has been accused of being racist many time.

There are actually quite a few reasons behind this, like the fact that his characters in the movies seemed  quite racily characterized (tho I would say they were more... stereotypes than racily portrayed. Or is that the same thing in your eyes?).

There was, for instance one particular movie they made, called "Song of the South", which was never even released on video in the US because it apparently portrays slavery as something quite nice. Of course, the film was released in 1946 and the main character in it was an African American guy - who, for some strange reason couldn't even attend the premiere of the movie, because no Hotels would give him a room. I wonder why.

Secondly, there was a funny little song in one of Disney's most beloved movies. Yeah, I'm talking about Aladdin. Do you guys remember the opening song to it?


Check it out (the second and the third songs are from the sequels of Aladdin, so don't mind them).

So what's so surprising in this? Well, the original opening song of Aladdin, was actually the next one :

Did you catch it?

Is it weird that I prefer the original one? 

2. Disney made a movie about menstruation. 

Yes, my dears, he did. How many of you guys knew about this little gem? 

This particular movie was actually used in health classes to teach girls about growing up. It was also released in 1946 (I would call that year Disney's insane year). 

You can check it out here if you are interested (it's actually quite interesting):

3. Disney had quite a few extra songs for his movies that never made the cut. 

I'm going to start off with Aladdin (since I already talked about it before). 

Aladdin actually has more than one of these. For instance the song that Aladdin should have sang for his mother: 

The second song is Why Me, that was sang by Jafar. Oh damn, I wish these appeared in the movie, cause they sound really nice. (Also check out the drawings, is it just me, or some of the characters look better in these than the actual movie?)

We are still not done with Aladdin, tho. Here's another song that Jafar was supposed to sing back at the time when the story still included unlimited wishes from the Genie. 

All right, on to another one: Keep 'em guessing, sang by Mushu in Mulan. 

"I can't Believe My Hearth" is Megara's deleted song in Hercules. It actually replaced "I won't say (I'm in love)" because the first one wasn't exactly a song that Megara would sing. This time, I think they were right.  

And now on to a really beloved Disney cartoon, The Lion King (which almost got the title of "The king of the Jungle" or "The king of the beasts", but then later they realized that THAT wouldn't really work out. Pfew, they dodged a bullet there). Do you remember Mufasa? What am I saying, of course you remember him! Well, Mufasa apparently also had a nice little song going on for him. Check it out. 

That song is quite nice, but I'm glad they cut it out, cause it really doesn't go along with Mufasa's character  does it? 

And while we are on the topic of Lion King, here's a song King Scar sings after the Pride Land goes to hell. 

Ah, Scar is hilarious.

The Emperor's New Groove is a really underrated Disney movie (I adore it). Yzma is probably the weirdest, most insane - and thus, the most hilarious- villains of all. And she also has a song to her! (Which I bet you will LOVE - well, you will love it, if you know who Yzma is)

Oh dear, is it just me, or Yzma's dad was a necrophiliac? :)))

And for the last entry for today, here's a random Disney movie, about Donald Duck... as a Nazi. 

I think I must be a horrible person, because I love it. What about you guys?