...have been watching on and off are short films.

Most of these animated movies are short, entertaining, and they usually also have something you should learn- which is why I love them.
Some of them are better than others, and some are just plain boring, but you know that YouTube is usually full of them, and they are also pretty popular. Thus, I wanted to share my favorite ones - you know, just in case you missed one or two of these. Feel free to share your own too!

1. Alma

An animated short is most of the time either inspirational or just plain funny - which is why this one is so great. It feels a little bit creepy and scary at the same time, but in a pretty good way. This particular movie was made by an ex-Pixar animator, so I guess you have a good enough reason to watch it now. Get ready to be surprised by this charming Christmas story! 

2. Day and Night

While we are on the topic of Pixar, this one was also made by them (surprise, surprise!) It isn't scary or weird, it's just a plain and nice little story about two totally different (but necessary) characters. The fun thing about it is that it uses both 3D and 2D animation techniques, so I think you will have a treat with this. 

3. French Roast 

This short got an Oscar nomination back in 2010, and I really thing that it deserved it. This short story was created by an ex-DreamWorks animator, and I think it can be taken in at least two ways. Which is the correct one? Well, you tell me! 

4. Invention of Love

Once again, a story from 2010, one that all you modern environmentalists should adore. It does look like a simple love story at start, but you'll probably realize that it isn't. Not really. The whole thing seems to me like a simple symbol about how nothing that's made with modern materials, nothing that belongs to modern society will be able to replace nature. Also, I think the animation tecnique used in it is awesome. 

5. Replay

Who says post-apocalyptic world stories are strictly for full movies (video games), or books? If you think you can't tell a complicated and complex story in little more than 8 minutes, you are probably not a good story-teller. This is again a pretty sad story that people nowadays will understand even more than they did in the past. 

+1. One Man Band

All right, let's close this post with something... lighter. So, yeah... that means once again Pixar. Enjoy!