...have been wondering about is why do people not call things on their names.

We all know that words have power, but let's face it, nowadays most people don't give a shit about them.
It would be hypocritical of me to say that I'm smarter or more.. well... anything, than other people - because I'm  really not. I talk just about the same way as anyone around me - mixing together languages, abbreviating words, using the wrong word for certain things. Though I usually know what people are talking about when they use certain "sophisticated" words, I really can't see myself like that.

I'm just to used to this.

Still, that doesn't mean that I stay away from learning new words (even if I never use them, and thus usually forget them soon enough) - it's as good a pastime as any.

Thus, I thought that I should makeup a short little list for those people who are of the same opinion.

1. Bathos

Bathos is the the word that people should use when they want to describe something that tries too hard to reach pathos (I do hope, you know what pathos is). For example, when you watch a movie scene where the great hero lets out a pathetic scream as the "love of his life" dies, and you can only roll your eyes in disgust at it - that's bathos. So, instead of using "cheesy" or "over dramatic" - we could always use this word.

2. Paresthesia

Don't you just hate it when you sat around for so much time that your feet fell asleep? You know, that prickling, tingling feeling as your blood rushes back to your extremities? Well, apparently, that feeling has a name - it's paresthesia. 

3. Grawlix

Most children have read at least one comic in their lives though chances are they managed to chose a comic that's all pretty flowers and candies. Those who didn't probably managed to run upon all kinds of weird symbols at one point or other- the signs that someone is cursing like a pirate. The name of this string of signs and symbols is a grawlix. Feel free to use it. 

4. Rhumba - and other groups. 

No, I'm not talking about a dance style. 

Have you ever wondered what's the proper word for - say, the female version of a dinosaur? (It's cow)  Or what do you call a group of ferrets (business), giraffes (tower), crows (murder), owls (parliament),  parrots (company), caterpillars (army), or locusts (a plague)? Well, a rhumba is a group of rattlesnakes. Well, I guess it does have something to do with dancing... 

5. Rasher

Quick, what's the favorite food item of the modern word? If your response was bacon, you are, of course, right. But when it comes to slicing it up, it will stop being a bacon, and will instead be called a rasher. yes, ladies and gentlemen, a slice of bacon is not called "a slice of bacon", it's actually called a rasher. Keep that in mind! 

6. Erinaceus

When you wish to insult someone without their knowing, here's the word you should use. Erinaceus, while not sounding like it actually means "resembling a hedgehog". I'm not sure who came up with it, but I find it pretty funny. Still, if you know that your girlfriend actually reads on the internet, don't you ever greet her with "Oh hey, you look erinaceus today". It won't be pretty... 

7. Tittynope

The more immature out there are probably snorting right now, but this word actually exists. And it doesn't mean what it indicates either. A tittynope is actually a small quantity of leftovers. I'm sure that you will love to use it, tho. 

8. Winklepicker

Fashion is circular - there were many times when shoes with long and pointed toes were highly fashionable (and people still wear them). These boot styles are actually called winklepickers. Can't really imagine why. 

9. Jumentuos

This is something you shouldn't be glad you hear (once again). In fact, when someone uses this word to describe you, you should probably look for the shortest way towards a river and throw yourself in - not to kill yourself, mind you, but you probably need a good scrubbing. Jumentuos means smelling like horse urine. 

And finally... 

10. Blarney

I think that every class has one of those kids who lick the asses of the teachers, and who everyone hates. Well, from now on, you should be glad to know that there is a word for "flattery for gaining favors", and it's blarney.