...have to tell you guys is that we are about to end this week's adventure.

It's been a pretty long week with mostly ups- and a couple of downs too, of course- but all in all, I am content with what came out of it.
And to celebrate the end of the guest posts, I asked my sister to jump in once again and save the day (which she did it boomingly, if you ask for my opinion).

Anyways, here's what she wrote:

Well I am going to write another post today, because a friend of ours didn’t write one himself.

Today I am going to write about yesterday night :)

What did I do? Well I was at my friend, Shobi, with some other friends of mine and my boyfriend; and we thought we should make some schnitzels. We bought some pita bread:

Then we made some kind of crispy chicken strips. First we put flour in a bowl: 

Then eggs: 

And some bread crumbs: 

And after we mixed them together this is what we got: 

We fried them: 

And also made some French Fries: 

This is how the crispy chicken strips looked like when they were done: 

We also boiled some corn: 

Sliced up some cucumbers: 

Made some mayonnaise: 

Sliced up the onions: 

And we also opened up some home-made hot pickled vegetables. 

So this was it! We just had to put everything together :)

We placed the pita on a plate: 

Then we placed the French Fries and the chicken strips on it: 

We put this in the microwave for about 10 seconds, and after we took it out again we placed everything else on it: the cucumber, the onion, the mayonnaise, the ketchup, the corn, and the hot pickled vegetables. (My boyfriend doesn't like mayonnaise, so in the following picture you won't see that, but you get the gist of it) 

And this is what the schnitzels looked like in the end, with everything in it (with mayonnaise too).

But why should I just write about what we ate? We also drank some wine with Coke alongside the dish - but the pic I made of it sucks, so I'm not going to show you guys that one. Instead, here are some about the games we played after we ate: Catan.

And Activity: 

And this concludes this weeks' posts. 

I have to tell you guys, that it was pretty nice to actually not have a care in the world about my blog for a whole week (it IS pretty hard to come up with a topic every day), so I have to thank every single person who participated in this. 

Also, about today's post... 

I am incredibly proud of my sis and her friends in this moment, and it's beacuse of Catan. You see, I was just watching the Table Top episodes on Geekandsundry - which is basically a series, where Wil Wheaton and a bunch of other geeks play table top games - and in one of the episodes they presented Catan. 

Now, I don't know much about the game (I believe there are a whole bunch of video games of this kind too - and I absolutely lack the skills that are required to play them; namely strategy), but it seemed pretty cool. 

So, little sis, welcome to the world of fellow geeks. 

Also, I have to admit that suddenly I'm really, really hungry, so I'm out of here (to enjoy moms's floating island - which we literally call bird's milk.) 

Have a nice Sunday everyone!