...present to you guys is a short little article from my mom.

She wrote it all in Hungarian, so I had to translate it all - which means that whatever mistakes you find in the text will be all mine.

But let's not waste time, and instead just sit back and enjoy this nice little rant.

I don't have a good topic that hasn't been already talked to shreds, but I will try to comply with Tünde's request. Soooo. 

My evenings are damned boring. For weeks, I didn't even turn on the TV, because there's nothing interesting or new on it. 

I long for those nights when I could watch a good movie or catch a good show on it, without feeling disappointment. Now there aren't any good movies OR TV shows any more. 

I'm moving with the times too, so now I'm watching my shows on the internet. This way, at lest, I don't feel the urge to throw stuff against the TV every time an ad shows up. 

The trouble is, that even on the internet I always manage to fall into "traps", mainly that if a show is good at the start, it will be amazing till the end. And then come the disappointments. 



Ancient Aliens,


Grey's Anatomy,


 and I could go on for pages and pages of them. 

The problem with them is that the writers either complicate it to the brink of boredom, or they just end at a point where nothing is explained. Which doesn't mean that I don't watch them till the end. I do, in the hopes that they will somehow turn out pretty good. 

And then, there are the news. 

Why aren't there any news out there where you can only hear about positive, and nice things? Are there really so few good news out there that they can't even come up with an hour of a good show? 

Because, quite frankly, I could use a program like this so I don't go to sleep only hearing about every single problem everyone out there has. So I could look into the beauty of the world. So I could go to sleep with a smile on my face. So I wouldn't be afraid that I will have nightmares from the things I saw or heard. 

What would happen if every night we could shut down the computers after watching a nice movie, video or listening to some good news? 

Would our worldview change at list a little bit? 

Would we wake up positively? Would our tomorrows be better? 

Who wants to try it?