...realized yesterday was that kids who grew up with Harry Potter, are now old enough to enjoy The Game of Thrones.

And because these two series are the most successful fantasy books of our generations, I thought that there must me something common in them. But what?
Sure, there are all the fantasy elements that, well... a fantasy book has to have.

But what else is there to make two soooo different things so loved? And as I thought about it, I think I managed to find the common ground. Here's the recipe (if you ever decide to write one yourself).

Take one big family:

Add a dash of a hurt brother: 

One that gets killed: 

The "Mary Sue" girl (with red hair): 

You will also need a crazy bitch, of course (who's in love with the wrong person). 

A crazy lord (with mommy issues): 


The crippled guy on the EVIL side (with missing hands): 

You will need the blonde beauty (it doesn't hurt if they are big lords, and a little bit stuck up too):  

You will need the friend-zoned traitor/spy:

Hmmm what else, what else? 

Maybe a little bit of a coward-turned-hero: 

Oh, and let's not forget the woman warrior: 

A good story also needs a guy who is unfairly accused of being a traitor.

A cunning little "monster":

You also need an overly attached girlfriend:

We need at least one natural shape-shifter too! 

Oh, and of course, let's not forget the mother and the father who die: 

And now on to other fantasy elements you'll have to include. First off, a bird to carry your messages (which isn't particularly fantasy-ish, since people used the technique in RL, but still) 

You'll also need wolves: 

Dragons. Don't forget the dragons! 


Oh, and some nice little "zombies" too (that will be destroyed by fire): 

And some for which I won't put up any more pics: 

The girl who HAS to free slaves (Hermione/Dany).
The random gay guy (Dumbledore/Renly) 
A random black guy (Kingsley/ Xaro Xhoan Daxos) 
A random exotic person (Cho/ Khal Drogo) 
A totally white pet (Hedwig/Ghost) 
The lovable big guy (Hagrid/Sam)
The people who can turn into animals (animagus,werewolf/warg) 
At least one "secret" order (Dumbledore's Army, Order of the Phoenix/Night's Watch) 
At least one book that reveals a HUGE secret (Voldemort's Diary/the book from where it is found out that Joff isn't Robert's son) 
At least one castle somewhere up North (Hogwarts/Winterfell)
Incest (Slytherin's descendants/Targaryens and Cersei with Jamie) 
Twins (George and Fred/Cersei and Jaimie) 
One or two Prophets (Trelawney/Red Witch) 
The weird mentalist (Luna/Jojen) 
Random wedding that goes to hell (Weasleys/Lannisters and Tullys)
And a secret wedding (Lupin/Petyr) 

I think that is about it. 

So what do you guys think about all this? Is this something that just happens, or did I really stumble upon what people nowadays love? 

Also: do you guys know any more elements in the two series that sound similar?