...actually watched trough and trough is The Walking Dead series.

It was about time, wasn't it?
People referenced it all the time, and it was starting to grow annoying - mainly because I didn't really give a crap about some random movie about zombies (I only ever watched the first movie of the Resident Evil franchise, and it was enough for me).

Generally speaking, movies about zombies and vampires aren't something that I love - they all go in the same direction. Usually.

The Walking Dead, tho, turned out to be quite a surprise.

I have to admit, that at first I was quite annoyed at it. They managed to bring forth a couple of characters that made me angry all the time.

Yeah, I'm talking about these three:

I think that's why I mainly stuck to watching it. The characters were actually made in such a way that they managed to provoke me into feeling some emotions about them - and when a movie or show can do that, I'm hooked. 

Sure, until now anger and annoyance are probably the only emotions they made me feel, but in a good way - in a "will they fucking kill each other already?" way. 

And surprise, surprise, I also like the show, because it's not really about the zombies. It's kind of like an end of the world situation and how different people cope with it. In fact, they could have any kinds of monsters instead of the zombies, and it would probably not change the story at all. 

I also like how you can actually see some character development in this. Sure, the characters mostly go from lovable to aggravating, and then they usually end up dead. Well, that is, besides Daryl. 


I also loved Dale and Glenn (until one of them died and the other one turned into a lovesick fool). 

And now Michonne is kind of turning out to be my favorite character of them all. 

Oh, and let's not forget Hershel now, who for some strange reason kind of reminds me of my grandfather. 

So, yeah, guys, in case you were in the dark until now, I believe it is time to check this movie out. It's pretty fun, and it keeps you excited for the next episode every time. Really.