...was once again thinking about is how sci-fi became true.

I wrote a couple of posts about this topic before, but now I found even more interesting things that will be introduced to our society soon enough. And just like with the case of the computers and mobile phones, I don't think that we will have to wait for too long.

1. Awesome robots

Yeah, there are all kinds of robots in existence already - for example the Cheetah one that can actually run pretty fast (not as fast as the real one, but still this is pretty amazing), or the ones that can recognize faces, voices and objects and hold conversations with you.

But I believe that none of these could actually maneuver an obstacle course. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the technology is so advanced already that there are robots that can actually do this. So, I'm guessing that the future, where you'll be chased by robotic warriors capable to run as fast as a cheetah and dodge everything you throw at them will soon exist.

Here's a presentation of it:

2. Silk

Or is it? 

In Wyoming, there is a university where scientists managed to genetically modify silkworms. The "silk" they now produce is rumored to be stronger than steel. 

They will apparently be used as medical sutures, as a biodegradable alternative to plastic, and light armor in military. Is this freaking awesome? Hell yeah! 

3. Invisibility cloaks

Yeah, there are all kinds of varieties and studies going on in this field, but now a British Columbian company made a huge leap forward. They developed a cloak that works without the need of batteries, mirrors or cameras, by simply bending the light waves around the wearer. 

The fun part of it is that the people using it will turn invisible not only for the naked eye, but also for thermal and infrared scans. Do you guys think what I'm thinking right now? 

4. Another medical discovery

Thankfully, there's no stopping us from developing new things in this area either. 

Now, if you have ever had some serious burns or something that damaged your skin (I believe everyone had), you already know that it takes some time for it to heal up. Guess what, Avita Medical came up with a cool new way to help you! 

You will have to stay still as someone takes a little sample of your skin - which will leave you with something similar as a rug burn. Then, they will mix your sample with some voodoo stuff (just some enzymes harvested from pigs), and spray it all over your damaged skin. 

In about a week, this new skin will grow up to the size of a book page, and since the sample is from you, your body won't reject it. 

5. Artificial leaves

Yeah, I'm not talking about plastic flowers and things like that. 

In fact, a guy named Daniel Nocera managed to create the world's first artificial leaf that mimics photosynthesis. The fun part of it is that he used relatively inexpensive materials. 

There is a downside to it, tho - instead of producing oxygen it currently makes hydrogen (but this hydrogen can be captured in fuel cells and used for electricity). So... yeah. Artificial leaves that will make electricity. For now.