...bring you guys today are a couple of fun history facts.

These facts that I'm going to tell you about started out as urban legends - and urban legends are usually not something that are taken too seriously by smart people.
With good reason, since most of these legends seem a little bit far-fetched, but as the saying goes most legends have SOME truth in them.

Here are my favorites.

1. The mummy

Back in the old days a circus wasn't quite as child-appropriate as nowadays (but then, in those days parents were not that overprotective of them either). They had all kinds of interesting things to see - starting with the "hilarious" bearded women and ending with all kinds of people who probably needed desperate medical attention. 

Then, of course, there was the optional scary prop, made more or less out of paper. And since in those times the scariest thing someone could come up with was the human body, most of these props were turned into mummies. 

Now, the urban legends say that most of these were actually real mummified people - which at first seemed a bit stupid, considering. But then, when in 1976 some people rented out an old haunted house to make a movie in it, they knocked over one of these props. 

Which, of course turned out to be made of actual bones. 

The funny thing about it was that this particular mummy was also a criminal, who was killed after he robbed a train. What a coincidence, right? 

2. Another dead body 

Quick, what's the first place you would look if you would be searching for something in a bedroom? If you answered with "under the bed", congratulations, you are not alone. 

In fact, you are in the line with a chosen murderers. And this is your cue to look back at the title, and guess, I'm talking about actual dead bodies stacked under your mattress in your hotel room. 

You might say that this is not possible. After all, who would want to sleep in the stench that the rotting body provides, right? 

Well, it actually happened - and not only in movies. It happened multiple times, in Las Vegas, Kansas City, Atlantic City, Florida, California, and a whole bunch of other crazy places. 

Soo, newly wed Vegas couples... keep this in mind, before you start boinking. I do believe there is nothing worse to shatter the mood than the poor trapped soul in the corner of your room, looking at you with hollow eyes. 

3. Toxic woman

Before you might fall into the trap of thinking about an amazing looking woman who's only desire is to please you, I assure you, this is not the case. 

The urban legend is pretty simple; a woman arrives in a hospital, and when she is attended to she manages to poison everyone around her, just by being there. The best scenario for a horror movie. Or, maybe one of zombies. 

Still, putting the joke aside, in 1994 there was a woman admitted to a hospital, suffering from cancer. At a point she started sweating some kind of oily fluid, that covered all her body. Of course, the smell wasn't too nice either - which only got worse when a nurse drew some blood from her. 

In fact, this same nurse got so sick as soon as she drew the blood that she fainted, so she had to be removed from the room. Not too long after that, other people started to feel nauseated. 

After the third person feinted in her presence, the whole hospital had to be evacuated. The woman died, and the doctor who feinted in her presence had to stay two weeks in intensive care for breathing problems. She also developed hepatitis and avascular necrosis in her knees.