...am sad to hear is that one of my favorite singers of all time died today.

I listened to his band's songs since I was a kid - even had the fortune to see them in a concert. They were probably the best Hungarian band of all time.
He died after he stayed in a coma for a long time. Rest in peace, man. Rest in peace.

Here's a few songs, even if you don't know him. 

"Köszönöm azt, hogy itt voltál velem. Csak ennyi volt az életem. Csak ennyi volt, és nincs tovább. Ha megkérdeznéd, csak annyit mondanék... Ha még egyszer láthatnám, azt amit egyszer láttam már..." 

Trans.: "Thank you for being here with me. This was my life. This was it, and there's no more. If you would ask, the only thing I would say... If I could see once again the things I saw before..."