...have been asked is to write a post on the topic of angels.

Yes, think about this as one of my typical rants against religion. And be thankful for it.
All right, let's start at the beginning.

The whole topic came up when I posted the following picture on Facebook:

Now, let me tell you that this pic kind of tears me up a little bit. As you already probably know back in the communist era practicing religion was a "little bit" frowned upon. Of course, it WAS done, but you could probably never feel too safe. And I'm guessing this is the reason why my generation was brought up the way it was - with the obligation to go to church every Saturday (if not Sunday too). 

Yeah it was probably also a time when the parents shipped the kids off for a few hours to get a bit of alone time, but the whole faith thing was probably a part of it too. 

Now, looking at this picture I kind of feel guilty about the fact that I don't appreciate the whole religious thingy popping up every year on holidays (mom usually wants us to go to church at least once or twice a year, which usually falls on Christmas and Easter...and dear lord how I hate Easter). 

Yeah, here's a big sorry to my family for not being a faithful lamb or something or other (not that they are fanatics, but I still feel a bit guilty. Can't help it). 

Aaaand, of course since I used to go to church all throughout my childhood (and gladly too, cause we could play and listen to stories), it was kind of driven into me that Hell exists, and it is bad. And if you are not absolutely evil to go to hell, you'll probably end up to be a total saint, right? (Bullshit)

And this is where the topic comes down to the "evil" in religion. I've been thinking about it a whole lot, to tell you the truth. 

I remember that when I was in High School, we were reading and discussing "The Tragedy of Man" from Imre Madách - a pretty awesome piece of literature if I can say that. 

This basically starts out with stating that Lucifer is the angel of knowledge - and that he is totally evil, and the only thing he is good at is to tempt people into doing bad things. So, basically Lucifer is Satan, right? (Satan actually means "betrayer"). 

And yeah, I remember even back then I was thinking what I'm about to tell you now, but I was clearly not brave enough to voice it. So, if Lucifer is the angel of knowledge, and if the angels were all created to be perfect - doesn't that mean that Lucifer freaking KNOWS what's going on? 

Let me bring in another theory in this I've only recently heard. Yes, it was this year -from a professor. 

It basically started out with the theories behind where "Eden" was situated. Of course people went trough the Bible and tried to pinpoint EXACTLY the place, and all that. But the theory that stroke me was the part where it brought in the existence of "Adam" and "Eve". 

So, apparently "Eden" wasn't exactly an island or something (as a kid I always thought that Eden must have been kind of like another planet or... you know - a really closed up place, since Adam and Eve were supposed to be the only people there) - and we shouldn't think about Adam and Eve as single people - more like the representation of male and female, right? 

So, if this is true, and Eden WAS just a little closed-off "village", where people lived under the leadership of "GOD" - who apparently had "guards", Lucifer being one of them. And if we think about this historically, you would probably have at least ONE "political party" who doesn't agree with you. So what do you do with them, as a leader? You make them look ridiculous and stupid and make them LEAVE. 

This Eden bullshit makes me think about "The village" if you ever saw that movie. It kind of makes sense, doesn't it? With people living in fear, split off from the actual world, under the leadership of a dictator.

And to tell you the truth, I've been thinking about another thing in this topic - a thing that was brought to my attention via a Stand-up comedy performance. I'm talking about, howcome "GOD" is the only person who has a book? Howcome he is the only one to trash-talk the "evil", while these "evil" just sit back and don't do a freaking thing? It kind of seems to me like God is a douche. 

I have to tell you, if I look at the Bible in THIS light, it seems a perfectly reasonable history book. Let's admit it, there ARE good infos about history in it (what I just don't like about it is the people taking it LITERALLY). 

And if you think about this issue - about how "God" is supposed to perfect- you'll realize that he is anything BUT perfect. God is a political leader. God does what he THINKS is good, not what is actually good - look at the part where he makes up 10 laws, a big part of them actually being about himself. He is an egomaniac, convincing everyone that they are made to resemble him. God is a slaver - he doesn't want people to think for themselves. Sure, he tells them that they have free will, but the moment they disagree he casts people out. 

And howcome if he is supposed to be so forgiving, he doesn't even give a chance for these "fallen angels"? 

Oh and here's an absurd thing, now that Easter is coming. Howcome God is celebrated for sacrificing his own son? Does this sound like OK to you? Sacrificing an innocent guy? Just to appear oh-so-good? Well, fuck that! 

The Bible is simply put a continual comment about politics. I wouldn't even be surprised if the whole thing would be a freaking parody. 

And now, let me bring The Walking Dead into this (YES, I actually bring a comic book into a discussion about the Bible). If you read the books - highly recommended- you'll be able to see the parallels in what I just said. What I'm talking about is the part where the "good" group - the main characters that is - run into other people. Different groups act differently - some of them go into economics (trading), some go into farming, some into technology, and some into offence. Every group is lead by a person who thinks he's doing what's good for his group. 

That's the problem, guys. God is not a perfect being. God is a simple leader. He does what he thinks it's good for his group. 

And to answer the question - why is God ALWAYS THERE? 

It's simple really. 


Like Adam and like Eve. God is a multitude of leaders- one after the other. I think it is even mentioned in one or two places in the Bible, by "god" himself, that he is not alone. 

I remember that back in Literature class, at one point we were told about this "history repeats itself" thing. There is only so many different ways you can lead a country - and if at one point one doesn't work, you will have to start another, even if that other time it also went to hell. 

(So, yeah, guys. Sometimes you DO learn something in school, even when you don't realize it.)

I don't remember the details - I think it was related to exactly Madách's work -, but I do know one thing: history will repeat itself, because there is nothing else there. And there will always be a God, and a Lucifer who will clash, and in the end the only one who is fucked is Adam and Eve. 

(Funnily enough, Madách's work almost end up with a pregnant Eve. No pun intended)

Now, before you start saying that I'm some kind of Satanist or something ridiculous like that, I have to tell you that I am most assuredly NOT. 

I did NOT say that Lucifer is in any ways good - compared to God, that is, who seems to be apparently just as much of a douchebag as anyone else at a given time. Lucifer is just as much a politician as God - the rebel one, if I can say that. As you already know, just because one is bad, doesn't necessarily mean that the other is good. The world doesn't work like that.  

So, yeah, this was practically my idea for today. Feel free to discuss!