...told you already is that I'm from Transylvania.

Of course, if you already have a little knowledge of geography, you already know  that this means Romania. And since I'm from here, I just have to tell you guys that I've been watching a stupid argument for days now. Yeah, I also had to comment on it, because it seems that it's all the rage now. 

You see, we have a BIG problem here. 

As you probably know already, Hungary isn't exactly the best country when it comes to war (or more or less anything else either. Well... besides the number of suicides, I don't think that Hungary comes into the top anywhere). And the fact that Hungary always seems to fall on the wrong side of things (yeah, politics, I know.), they lost Transylvania. 

Yeah, history buffs - Transylvania belonged to Hungary once upon a time. 

Aaanyways, since the stupid peace treatise Hungarians hate Romanians and vice-versa. 

It's a fucking sad thing, but there are so many fanatics around here, I'm actually waiting for someone to declare war. (All right, not war exactly, but you know what I mean.) 

The whole thing is still blown out of proportions. And I'm saying this as a Hungarian person. 

As Emő mentioned yesterday in a comment, history is written by the winners. No matter how I hate it, Transylvania belongs to Romania now- and they wrote the history. 

I could cry and rage, but it won't change anything. 

Now, let's take a step further. 

The country has been in an uproar because on the 15th (Hungarian National holiday), a girl wore a bandana of the color of the Romanian flag to school. Apparently, the Hungarian students bullied her for it, and she was asked to take it off by some teachers. 

And now, all the freakin' nationalists are in an uproar because apparently Hungarians are once again assholes, and they deserve to die. 

Look, guys. I really think that this feud should have ended years ago. Most people in this country are sheep, tho, easily manipulated into hate. And I just don't understand why. 

At least I'm starting to not understand it - because, I admit to it, I don't have many Romanian friends, and I don't speak the language perfectly either. Yes, in my own country - I can not help it, I just can't learn it any more better. I'm sorry, okay? 

And because of this, and because of the part that most elderly people around me still seem to have a deep hate, whenever I had an argument with a Romanian person, it always ended up at this same point. 

Sad, but true. 

And now, I'm an adult. I fucking grew up, and even though I personally still don't have Romanian friends, I learn along with them, and I talk to them on a daily basis because my family DO have Romanian friends (especially my sister) - and, of course it is still Romania, so whenever I go to a shop or something, I HAVE to speak it. 

And believe me, my tongue didn't fell off. There are decent people everywhere. 

Of course, there are assholes everywhere too, but why give them so much attention? 

That girl is 15 years old. She was instigated to do it, and she was told to take it off because she was drawing too much attention. She probably wanted the attention, and the Hungarian kids gave it to her. 

And I DO agree with the fact that it is a shame that she was made to take it off- this is a fucking free country, you should be able to wear whatever the fuck you want. And yeah, I DO believe that those Hungarian kids should get a fucking life. 

But so do all the Romanian assholes who are giving this so much attention. You are adults, guys? Can't you learn a little respect? I mean, we are all in the same freaking country (for now that is). Instead of always playing into the hands of the asshole politicians who only want to take us apart so they can play with us, why can't we all work together? 

You might say this is a naive thought, but you should just look around. 

Look at other countries, guys. They were also all cut up and united at one point or other. Look at Japan, for fuck's sake! It was bombed until almost nothing left of it! Did they freaking sit around and cry for the next fifty years continuously? No! They had good enough people to lead the country to get up and DO SOMETHING GOOD. 

To tell you the truth, I'm so disappointed at this right moment, if I could leave the country right now, I would (I can't wait!). I hate this, guys. I really do. All this hate makes me hate a bunch of people too, and it's not good. 

I really wish that we could all learn to respect and tolerate each others to at least try to get up on our feet. Otherwise Romania will go to hell (it's already on the edge, since about two million people already left the country - and more will leave it in the future! And believe me, when your country has 22 million people, 2 million leaving is a HUGE DEAL. Yes, we now only have about 19 millions.) 

So this is how I see it. I wish everyone would man up already and turn towards the future, not the past.