have to tell you guys is that today was a loooong day.

First off, another milestone was reached by my sister and me. Yeah, if you are on my friends list on Facebook you already know about it.
This is what the file in which my paper is looks like (I'm not going to show you the actual paper, cause I don't think it would be too safe to put something like that on the internet).

Aaaand, this is what the residence card looks like (again, without the personal info): 

We also got an appointment for when we can bring them some papers for our shiny new Hungarian Passports. And that means, that I can basically leave the country almost as soon as I get my Masters Degree. 

Awesome, isn't it? It DOES seem like things are finally starting to work out (till now, this month only brought good news). 

And now, seeing that I'm actually pretty tired and didn't have anything planned for a blog post today, I think I will just retire to a corner with Game of Thrones, and a nice little bottle of wine, until I fall asleep. A great way to finish up this day...