...want to wish every female friend of mine a very happy International Women's Day.

And since I don't know what's your favorite spring flower, here are five different ones you can chose from :)

Also, since it is apparently still a thing around here to celebrate name-days, I want to wish every Zoltán a Happy Name-Day. Mostly, it's because dad's name is also Zoltán, so don't expect me to wish a happy name-day to someone every day from now on :P I'm too lazy to do that. 

Aaaand, to celebrate this day, here's what we did. 

It's a freakin' Sandwich Cake! 

Because, why the hell not, right? 

What you need is a big ass bread. A bunch of meat, eggs, veggies and cheese. You will also need some butter or margarine or cream cheese or all of them combined. 

Now, cut that big ass bread up like you would cut up a cake. 

Put something different on every layer. 

Place one layer on the other. 

When you run out of things to stack use something heavy to press it down. You know, so it won't look like crap. 

Then. Then, you take something to cream the whole thing up. As I said, margarine, butter, cream cheese, mayonnaise, whatever the hell you want. Use Nutella if you're into that stuff. 

Then place some veggies and meat all across it again. As a disguise to blind people, or something. 

Here, check this shit out, yo! 

That's some pickles for ya'll. 

And here's some Salami, just cause!

Some stinky, but oh-so-yummi eggs. 

A layer of ham, for some extra heart attack! 

And the cheese, of Lord, we can't forget that. 

Push it down, make it stick! 

Don't forget the "frosting" either. 

Fuck it up with some random veggies. 

And then stuff it all in, until you can't move anymore. 

Enjoy it, or else!