...love to do sometimes is to laugh at the crazy things kids do.

Yeah, I'm not exactly proud of the fact, but when I see a miniature human running around and doing something weird I WILL laugh at it. Well, unless, of course, it's at my expanse. Otherwise it's always funny.
So, I thought I will just look around the internet for some funny things they did, and share them with you guys.

1. Sarah Gallego joins the Dark Side

Let's start with an old classic, all right? Two years ago the Gallego family took a trip to Disneyland, and their kids were chosen to join the Jedi Academy. Of course, none of them thought that little Sarah doesn't want to be a rebel.

I still think that Darth Vader was the most surprised in this affair, tho.

2. Who ate the sprinkles? 

When little John decided that he wanted to raid the Sprinkle Village, he probably didn't know that his action will be all over the internet. Especially not, when he also lied about it. I love how he sticks to his lie even when there is clear proof that he is doing it. Is John the future president, you think? 

3. Battle of the sexes 

Ah, darn. Kids copy the weirdest things from the people around them, don't they? I guess, this includes fighting too. Quickly, place your bets on who is going to win the next argument! All in? Let's go! 

4. Who's making a pie? 

Obviously, the kids! Well, at least they get a plus for the thought :) And this is here where I have to add that I would be a terrible mother, because I would have flipped when I saw that. 

5. And the Oscar goes to... 

All right, kids have a whole lot of "bad days". We know that. Still, this one is hilarious. I just wonder how in the world they can come up with things like this.