...sometimes wonder about is how different animals see the world.

Sure, we know the mechanics behind it, but have you ever wondered what it would actually look like?
Well, here are a couple of views you would have to make a sense of if you were them.

1. Snakes

Of course, depending on what snake it is, they have different ways to see the world both at night and in daylight. Most of them, tho, besides using their eyes to sense the intensity of light, also have an organ that can sense the body heat.

If you were a snake, this is what you would see:

2. Horses 

You know how people sometime place blinders on horses so they wouldn't get sidetracked? I always kind of wondered why someone would say about another person that they blunder trough life like a horse with blinders, only looking forward. Since... you know, horses literally can't see anything that's between their eyes. 

That's pretty much why they walk with their heads pointed downward. 

Yeah, I guess you would be a pretty weird thing to them if you were standing in that blind spot. 

3. Cats 

Cats are pretty annoying creatures, even without the ability to actually see colors. Imagine what mischief they would get into if they WOULD see them. Also, apparently cats have pretty weak eyes, in terms of light. Instead, tho, they are sensitive to movement. Thus, when night comes, it is probably the movement of things that will get them into hunting mode. 

4. Dogs

They see things similarly to cats, that is - dogs are colorblind. But you already knew this, didn't you? So, as I said before, it is actually not the bright colors of something that would send them in a fit, it would actually be the way you move. 

5. Prairie dogs

Some animals are blind to only different shades of colors. Prairie dogs (and squirrels) don't see reds and greens, thus they kind of perceive the world like this: 


6. Sea turtles 

As I said, while some animals don't perceive one color, others actually are made for them. Sea turtles, for example see reds, oranges and yellows awesomely because their eyes are made to pick up on shorter light wavelengths. 

7. Peacocks 

Have you ever wondered what a peacock sees when mating season rolls around? Do they appreciate all the beautiful colors of their plumage? Well, to answer the question, birds see a very different wavelength than humans do. In fact, they can see UV. So, knowing that,this is what they would see of their own: