...have to tell you guys, is that today was a wonderful day.

And it isn't strictly this way because the weather is so warm that I might as well say that winter is gone. Or the fact that ma parents are not home all day (no offence, mom :P).

It's  been great, because today I can cross off a bunch of things from my Bucket List.

What kind of things, you ask?

Well, today my city organized a huge Harlem Shake. Yes, that's right, ladies and gentlemen. A freaking Flash-mob.

And I was there (yay!).

So, as I said a bunch of things crossed off of my Bucket List: participate in a flash mob, participate in an internet meme, do the Harlem Shake, participate in a record attempt - yeah, apparently there were enough people there to be the largest Harlem Shake event in all the world. Well, at least for now (until another, bigger city comes around).

Oh, also I finally managed to have enough time to stop in front of an empty store that has a story written on its windows, to read it. (I actually have no idea when was it placed there, but let me tell you, it was there for a pretty long time now). Sadly I never actually had any time to stop, but today I did, and it was worth it. Because it's a pretty cool story, guys.

Anyways, guys, I will leave you all with the Harlem Shake. Have a very nice Sunday, everyone!