...wanted to share with you guys are some of my favorite TED videos.

By this time most of you guys probably know about TED.

It's one of the best sites out there, with both entertaining, inspiring and informative videos from all over the world. Yeah, it's one of those places that you shouldn't visit if you don't have a full day free, because you will get sucked into it without realizing that it's already midnight. Trust me, I know this.

And to save the "too busy for this" kind of people, I though, why not just gather up a couple of the talks and place them here. This way you will be able to escape quite easily.

All right, let's start!

1. Bobby McFerrin and the Pentatonic Scale

This video is awesome, because it demonstrates some part of the Human mind. Really, guys, if you would be asked what is the best way to understand every single human being around you, what would you say?
But really, this is a cool little thing that demonstrates how we assume certain laws, and how we use them.

2. David Gallo and an Underwater Footage

Besides the Universe, the deep sea always fascinated me. Mostly because I'm really curious about what you would be able to find there. This video shows you guys some pretty cool stuff that actually exist down there. 

3. Susan Cain and the Power of Introverts 

I don't think this one needs any explanation. in fact, I think the video explains things very well on its own. 

4. Ken Robinson and Creativity

This talk is mainly about how schools nowadays seem to want to kill every creativity in a kid that he or she has. Yeah, it's not a great idea all in all, is it? His talk is entertaining and also moving. As I said, these videos need to be watched and taken into account by so many educators out there. Sure, sure, I know that dealing with kids is a pretty hard job (thank god, I'm not a  teacher, I would probably go mad), but still. These are good ideas, people! 

5. Juan Enriquez and the Evolution

For the last video of today, I present to you guys a talk about what we know and what we only speculate about our own evolution. Yes, this is actually about what new "species" we are going to become soon enough. Where are we going? Are we really the best that's out there? (I don't think so) Also, I think, Emő, that this is the video I talked about in one of the comments on your blog.