...love, are weird thing.

You already know this, and I bet most of the people who read my blog have some similar tastes.
Thus, today I decided to visit the weird part of YouTube, and share with you guys the creepiest videos out there. Consider yourselves warned, tho. This will NOT be a relaxed stroll.

1. Edarem

Yeah, let's start with the guys everyone knows. I'm not sure how creepy you would find the next video, since you can't really see anything else but a weird old guy dancing and singing along to a song. Sooo, just to help you out with that feeling, here's a fact. This old guy was a sexual offender, and he died in prison. Keep that in mind, while watching this.

2. Crooked Rot

So how are you guys faring by now? Starting to have goosebumps yet? Let's spice it up a little. 
Remember those creepy ass cartoons from your childhood that were made using stop-motion? I kind of always hated them. Well, here's taking it to a whole new level. 

3. KerryJTV

I'm not even sure that this next video is disgusting or just simply weird - tho I would kind of place it into the fetishist category. I'm talking about men dressing up as women, putting on an expressionless mask and dancing around. Now, I don't give a fuck about guys who dress up like girls, but that mask is absolutely weird. Check it out: 

4. Bananas Exploding on Face 

Dear God. I'm not even sure how someone would even think about this, actually. Also, I LOVE the video's description, which implies that this is another fetish. I would actually love someone to explain it to me how they even realized that they would LOVE to jack off, watching someone explode bananas. And here, ladies and gentlemen is a good enough reason for me not to touch that fruit for a looooong time (besides the one where I don't like the taste). 

5. Daddy Long Legs

Are you afraid of spiders? Well, I dare you to watch this, then. In fact, I believe that a huge amount of you people would turn away from this, even if you don't give a rat's ass about spiders. Damn nature, you're scary!

+1.  The Mysterious Stranger

If you are familiar with Mark Twain, you probably already know this next one. His last novel, an unfinished one, called The Mysterious Stranger  is actually a social commentary about the human race. The story actually has multiple version (since it wasn't finalized), and each of them has a character named Satan in them. Now, if it isn't creepy enough that a writer would die just before finishing a book  about Satan, some people actually thought it would be nice to make a children's movie out of it. Thankfully, it got banned from TV. Oh, By the way, the 3 kids in the movie are Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher. And yes, Mark twain DID write a story where Tom and Huck befriend Satan.