...want to tell you guys about is a cute little game I found.

It's actually pretty new and fresh, and it will leave you thirsting for more.
So what is the name of this game? The Time Tribe!

If this is not enough to have your interests yet, let me tell you what it is (and will be) about. 

The chapter that's already finished is an introductory one, where you basically get to meet the four main characters, the kids who will have to figure out a way to work together. You can see them on the pic above. The little girl is called Iris - and she has the power of insight. This means that she can tell some things that no other characters can about the people around the Keep. 

The nerdy looking boy is Lewis. He's the brains of the group - his power is history (which is kind of like Iris's power, only Lewis can tell the history behind objects and not people). 

Kate, the sarcastic little girl has the ability to track people. So, even if you are not sure where someone is, you can use this skill and she will point you towards them. 

Will, Iris's brother is a cheeky little thing. He is a bit nosy, and thus his skill is to find hidden secrets all over the Keep. 

You play as all four of these characters, so in case you were wondering which one would be a good starter, you will be able to control all of them. 

Now, what's interesting about this game is the part where it's based on real history. The main story-line has a whole bunch of interesting information that you will have to learn so you can progress in the tale. And you can do this either by using Lewis's power, or just by checking out the computer in the library: 

Looks amazing, eh? 

So what can you do in this game? 

Well, besides wondering around the Keep and checking out every little detail the makers put in it (yes, if you get closer to the bookshelves, you will even find some book titles there. I have the feeling those are the books that basically influenced the game), you can talk with the characters that work in the mansion: Ansel, the librarian; Mimmie, the cook; Jonus, the kid who is there to lend a helping hand; Wolfram, the butler (who eerily resembles Gilderoy Lockart); and Hester, the clumsy and forgetful housekeeper. 

They are an interesting bunch, to tell you the truth. 

Then, there are mini-games and quests that you can play trough. And you can repeat every single one of them for extra money and experience. 

You can try getting all the achievements, you can find items, you can design your own house emblem, and even a chamber with the stuff you found (or bought). 

You can add friends and check out what they did, and you can also take some pictures of things. 

Yeah, it's pretty entertaining, and the daily quests always make it worth it to come back (especially if you want to buy everything you want for your chamber). 

The game looks amazing, the soundtrack is great, and the game developers are always helpful and kind. Seriously, if you have a problem or you want to suggest something, feel free to do so, they are great, and they will listen! 

I have to tell you tho, that if you are not ready to wait for the next chapters, you shouldn't start it yet. There's only one chapter out at the moment - tho in the next few days they will apparently come out with new quests, to keep us busy - which is great, but if you are playing just for the sake of doing something instead of enjoying it, you will get bored of pretty quickly. 

Also, the game seems to be made for younger people (but I still love it!), so if you don't like stories with children as the main characters, you will probably not like this either :P

Anyways, the game has quite a few surprises already - I still haven't explored every single aspect of it, really - so that might keep you busy for a while. 

So, guys, check it out! As I said, it will be worth it. And if you do, feel free to add me as a friend (Hayyel).