...shall finish today are my Eurovision commentaries.

At least, for now, that is, because I'm sure the topic will come up at least once again when the winners are announced (probably so I can share my rage).
But until then we still have 13 more songs to go, half of them from what's left of the second Semi-final, and the six countries that made it into the finals without the need to compete the days before the Great Show.

Let us just hope that today we shall hear some more good songs, because the ones from yesterday were mostly crap.

But let us get down to business, why don't we?

1. Israel

Moran Mazor comes from Israel with Rak Bishivo. I have a whole bunch of things to say about this - the first being that I still don't understand why the fuck is Israel participating in European events at all, the second being that Hebrew sounds to me like someone is really sick and constantly in the need of hacking up. I bet Gollum would love it. 

2. Latvia 

PeR come with the song "Here we go", and to me they sound incredibly off-key. They also seem to want to copy those two boys that participated in the Eurovision last year and the one before. What was it their name Jedward or something like that? I don't even care. But let's give it to those two guys, they had the fact that they were young in their favor. THIS, though. This looks and sound pathetic. 

3. Malta 

Gianluca Bezzina's song reminds me of Mika's song, Billy Brown. Tomorrow is also a song that you would probably want to sing around a camp fire with your friends. It's kind of catchy, and one hundred percent hipster, so if you are into that stuff you'll probably like it. 

4. Norway 

Is it just me, or Margaret Berger kind of resembles Sarah Jessica Parker? I don't even know why I got that feeling as I first laid my eyes on her. Still, what I can say about her song is that it sounds pretty great. It has a modern, fresh and exciting sound to it, and yes, I can almost see it on next year's show to be in Oslo. 

5.  Romania

I actually tortured myself a little bit further with listening to this song once again. The sad part in it is that Romania will probably get pretty high in the list, just because there are so many countries that will feel the need to vote politically-  I'll go ahead and place my bets that they will get the best points from Moldova(DUH), Italy and Spain. And as far as I can see Armenia likes this too. 

6. San Marino 

I will like this for the soap bubbles and for the awesome voice Valentina Monetta has, even though I have no idea what the song is about (but from watching the video I'm guessing it's something along the lines of the Ugly Duckling theory? 

7. Switzerland

The last song of the second Semi Final comes from Switzerland - a song performed by Takasa. I have to admit that I like this song as far as Eurovision songs go. It probably not turn into a favorite, but it is fun enough, and it's catchy. Also, did I just see them do the Gangnam Style? Ah, it's always the little, insignificant things that make it the best. 

8. France

And now on to the supposedly best 6 countries (from last year). As you know, I'm not  huge fan of France, but occasionally they manage to come up with something good. Last year's song WAS nice enough, even though I never listened to it again. This is about the same as far as I go. 

9. Germany 

I had to actually look up Germany's contestant from last year, because I really didn't remember it. Kind of weird, because they DID manage to land themselves in the best six. Still, I don't think this will an issue next year, tho. Not because the song is so good that I will remember it, but because I'm actually thinking that Germany won't be in the best six. Also, please would someone explain it to me why that second podium was necessary? 

10. Italy 

Once upon a time I loved Italy (but then I was under the influence of visiting the country, which looked WAY better than mine did at that point). I think that I'm falling out of love with it as the years go by - especially because of their view about us. But let's not get political (even tho, when it comes to Eurovision it's nothing BUT political). The song is OK. I can't really say it's perfect or anything above OK really, but it is enough to not make a fun of themselves. 

11. Spain 

I don't see how the sounds of this song would represent Spain (a northern country probably, but Spain? No.) They might as well translate the whole thing into English, I don't think it would make a difference (besides the part where you could actually understand what the hell is going on). Once again... a good song, but not great. Nothing that will blow your mind, at least. 

12. Sweden 

We are getting close to the end, guys, so get ready to think about your top songs! Robin Stjernberg sounded a bit off-key as he sang his song, and I can't really put my finger on the "why". It's probably because the whole sound of it is unusual, I don't think I've ever heard something like it. Maybe in Bollywood movies, but not even there. Not really. I think I will have to get used to this. 

13. United Kingdom

The best for the last, or not? I'm not sure yet, but I have to admit I was really curious about what the UK will bring out this year. After all, Bonnie Tyler DID sing one of my favorite songs of all time when she was still young. (And at this point I just had to listen to it again. Sorry.) And as I listen to "Believe In Me", I'm totally comparing it to "I Need a Hero", which kind of makes me think that things didn't turn out the way expected. Really guys, just sit back and compare. I dare you. I think they are a perfect way to describe life. I'm giving Bonnie Tyler a thumbs up, just because of this. Good job. Really. 

So what did you think about these? Do you have a top chosen already? Are you expecting any surprises? Hit me with your thoughts in the comment section!