...am going to continue with is the Eurovision.

Guys, we are at the middle here, with tomorrow being the last one of these posts, so keep that in mind  if you are not fond of these and you wish to jump over them.
I also have to tell you something, namely that I have no idea what the songs sound like until I listen to them while I write this post. Yes, the reactions you read are made on the spot, after hearing the songs for the first time (besides the songs from Romania and Hungary, cause I've seen the national elimination contest in those).

So, yeah, let me continue with what's left of the first semi-final and then let us get to the second one.

1. Slovenia

Hannah comes with "Straight Into Love", a song that is kind of new in this world. At least, I don't remember that there was ever a style like this in the contest. I'm sure that it will qualify for the finals, but I can't see it winning, despite the huge number of fans. I'm kind of guessing that these fans are the ones who go clubbing every other night, tho, so I'm hoping that not too many will be around to vote for her. 

2. The Netherlands 

The Netherlands bring Anouk with her song "Birds", a truly unique song. I'm not even sure that I love it yet, but I can say that I've never heard anything like it before. Also, Anouk kind of reminds me of a girl called Jodie Cooper from an Australian television series called Heartbreak High. She was played by Abi Tucker, if you remember her. 

3. Ukraine

The last song in the first Semi-Finals, Ukraine brings Zlata Ognevitch with the song called "Gravity". This song is not bad, but I think that it would do better in a Disney movie instead of on the stage of Eurovision. Also, that CGI is AWFUL. (I haven't seen something as bad since Anaconda 3) Oh, and next time, please refrain from trying to make your clip look like Avatar, especially if you don't have the money. 

4. Albania 

After the last from the first Semi-Final, we shall start the second one with a not-too-bad song. I have no idea what they are saying, but I wish "Identitet" from Adrian Lulgjuraj would have an English version. The sound of it is actually pretty good, so I will like to see them in the Finals. 

5. Armenia 

Gor Sujyan and Dorians bring us the song "Lonely Planet". This song is not bad, but as I said in my last post "not bad" can be nothing at all in contests where you HAVE to be noticed by the mass. I don't think that they managed to do this, but if there won't be any better songs in this semi-final, I can see this guy ending up one step further. 

6. Azerbaijan 

Azerbaijan sends Farid Mamadov with "Hold Me". Once again, not bad - it's still not enough. In fact, I dearly hope that Armenia and Azerbaijan won't come one after the other, because they will cancel each other out. (And if they WILL come one after the other, they will at least give us the time to go to the bathroom and maybe even make a sandwich). 

7. Bulgaria 

As the song started out I almost said "finally something good". Instead, we get a song that would probably do a great job in a Bollywood movie. Fuck this shit, I'm going to drink until I'm passed out if the second semi-finals will be this bad. BUT. But, I shouldn't be mad, cause this will give the Hungarian and Romanian teams to actually make it. Maybe. 

8. F.Y.R Macedonia 

Macedonia usually comes with pretty boring and crappy songs, and I feel this year wasn't too different either. Esma and Lozano bring us "Pred Da Se Razdeni", a song that I have no idea what is about, but if I would be told to try to guess, I would say something about gypsies. I don't think that this song would even be good in the late hours of a wedding, when everyone is pissed and the old people start with their karaoke. 

9. Finland 

I'm usually excited when it comes to Finland, because until now they managed to produce quite a few hits. What I never expected of them is to send Krista Siegfrids with "Marry Me", a song that reminds me of Katy Perry. Look, I understand that you are trying to appeal to younger generations, but songs like this are annoying -at least to me. Especially because it's a freaking catchy tune, and I will have it stuck in my head all day long. God, I hate it when that happens. 

10. Georgia 

I'm going to write down the name and the title of this song, just to fill up some space, because Nodi Tatishvili and Sophie Gelani's "Waterfall" is too boring to even say anything about it. Damn the Eurovision organizers for making us watch trough all this crap for one or two average songs (and to see if our country managed to at least qualify). 

11. Greece 

I don't think that a Greek song can get any more "greeker" than this. The videoclip is extremely fun, and even when I have no idea what the whole thing means, I can understand "Alcohol Is Free". And ladies and gentlemen, when you put alcohol in the music industry you'll probably get a hit. (This is NOT a Rihanna pun). 

12. Hungary 

I would have never expected for this song to win, mainly because it's such a weird song. But as I listened to it again and again, it turns out that it's a pretty nice song. And if you look into the comment section of this, you would never guess how many people hated it when it was first said that ByeAlex will represent Hungary. Even if we won't make it into the finals, I think this one is still a nice little melody.  

13. Iceland 

And the last song for today comes from Iceland - don't ask me to write it down, because I have no idea where can I find the symbols for it. What I can tell you about it, tho, is that I wish I could understand it - even when most of the song is made up with those three words. So, I have to ask all you guys, if you understand this language (or even better, are from Iceland), please translate! 

And this was it for today - tomorrow will bring the last of the semi-finalists, and the six countries that managed to land their asses in the finals because they were just that good last year. Check back tomorrow (and don't forget to comment).