...will bring to you guys over the next few days are the participants of Eurovision.

Yes, it's THAT time of the year, when every contestant has been selected, and preparations for the shows are underway.
So let us see what each country will bring to us this year, and let's place some bets on who will fall out of the semi-finals, and who'll continue on to the final.

Just as last year, I'll cover the songs in three days- 13 each day-, and I will post them in the order they currently appear on the official site. Don't forget it, the show will start on May the 14th, and end in the 18th!

So, let us start with the first semi-final!

1. Austria

Natália Kelly comes with the song "Shine", a song that seems decent enough to me. For some strange reason her interpretation of the song kind of reminds me of last year's winner (that song is still one of my favorite songs of all time!), which isn't too surprising, since most countries usually try to go for something that seemed to be wanted last time. I believe that this song will end up in the finals, but it probably won't end up too high on the list. 

2. Belarus

The singer from Belarus is Alyona Lanskaya, and the title of the song is Solayoh. This particular song makes me think of an East-European Vengaboys, to tell you the truth. I can see it working pretty well on beaches and pool parties, but just as with every song of this kind, it will quickly turn boring. 

3. Belgium 

Roberto Dellarosa is the champion of Belgium, and he tries to fight till first blood with the song "Love Kills". The first thing I have to say about this song is that I have to really listen closely to understand what the fuck he's saying. His accent is kind of horrible for a singer, and I had to listen to the song a few times until all was clear. Which was kind of a burden, because the song isn't that good anyway. 

4. Croatia 

Croatia sends Klapa s Mora with Mizerja, a sweet sounding song, if I may say so. The guys have really nice voices, even though I don't understand their language. Though I'm usually not a huge fan of songs of this kind, this one works out pretty well. I will expect a lot more from them when it comes to a good show, though. I believe what they produced here can be produced by a school choir too.

5. Cyprus 

I love the video they made for this song, but I kind of think that it distracts from the song. That was probably what they had in mind, when they made it - not because it is a crappy song, but mostly because it's average. And Eurovision treats average songs pretty badly, as far as I could see. Here, you have to be either awesome or so stupid that everyone will remember it. 

6. Denmark 

YES! This one sounds pretty great, I think we have here one of the winner songs. Emmelie De Forest is not only cute, her song - Only Teardrops - is awesome. And as far as I could tell, she is also one of the favorites in other parts of the world too. This song is catchy and you probably shouldn't ask for more from a Eurovision entry. Do we have the new Loreen here, I wonder? 

7. Estonia 

Birgit Öigemeel is the singer sent from Estonia, with the song "Et uus saaks alguse". Don't ask me what it means, because I really don't care. As I said before, I'm really not into songs of this kind, especially when it doesn't have anything else to give but a woman standing in a place and spitting in a microphone. I believe that songs of this kind can be only good enough for when you want to dance with your boyfriend/girlfriend in a dark corner of a restaurant or something. This is NOT enough to be remembered. 

8. Ireland 

Ryan Dolan is a guy who I'm looking forward to hear. I have to tell you guys, this year isn't THAT bad  when it comes to songs. Only Love Survives is about as fun as Denmark's song, so yes, Ireland makes a nice come-back this year. Ireland is an awesome country usually, but they usually failed when it came to the Eurovision - at least in my eyes. 

9. Lithuania 

Andrius Pojavis comes with "Something", and it's something all right. I'm freaking excited for this year's contest, because until now it seems to me that I love a whole bunch of songs. "Something" is a bit different than what we are used to, and in my opinion this already makes it special. 

Also, I kind of love how every time I look at the comment section of these songs, the only thing I see are complaints. Cheer up, people, Eurovision should be taken lightly, it's really not a serious thing. 

10. Moldova 

Moldova is usually a constant in this contest, They come with songs that aren't winners, but they somehow always manage to make themselves noticed. (Remember the epic sax guy? It even became a meme!)This time, though I have to say that they didn't manage this. Aliona Moon's song "A Million" didn't manage to worm its way in my heart. BUT, what I can tell you guys about it is that it eerily reminds me of The Hunger Games, where Katniss' dress is made to look like it's on flames. 

11. Montenegro 

Finally, a country that understands that you should not take Eurovision seriously. This song is pretty much a "WHAT THE FUCK" moment. Who See is the band that sings the song "Igranka". I believe that this song will definitely end up in the finals. Mostly because it's absolutely stupid. 

12. Russia 

Another average sound, Dina Garipova manages to bring us a song that won't be noticed by too many people. It's a sweet one, and I hope that they will make a good show of it - but I doubt that you can do anything else with something like this BUT stand in one place and let your voice out. Awesome voice, Dina, but I'm not convinced that this will win. 

13. Serbia

The last one for today is Moje 3 from Serbia, with the song "Ljubav je svuda". I'm no expert in languages, and without actually looking into it, the title says something about loving. And considering the visuals, I could even understand if the whole song would be about loving a pair of shoes. That girl dressed in red looks like someone I would punch in the face if I would ever meet her on the streets. But we aren't here to talk about that, right? 

All in all, I think that this song is terribly annoying. Especially that part of it that sounds like my warm-up excercizes from back when I used to still sing in the school choir. (Ah I miss those days... my voice is crappy now)

Anyways, guys, what do you think of these 13? Feel free to share your thoughts!