...want to urge you guys to do is to go watch The Croods.

I think that I mentioned it a few times already, and now that I had the occasion to watch it, I can confirm that it is worth the trouble.

It might seem like a pretty general, and not at all surprising story - it's kind of like a cross between Brave, Saving Nemo and Ice Age -, but I can tell you it's one hell of a ride until it ends. 

I found it stunning, first of all. I'm kind of a sucker for shiny things (probably why I liked Avatar... as in, not for the main story, but for the world they created), and I have to tell you, they awed me with the beautiful scenes. 

I also loved the fact that there was barely a few moments that didn't involve humor - and I found myself chuckling all the time (and in those moments of "not being amused", the story made up for it by being pretty touching). 

I absolutely loved the creatures they included in the story. The Elephant-Rats, the Piranha-Birds, the Dog-Crocodile and the walking whales were a whole bunch of fun. Oh, and let's not forget of Belt, the cute little Sloth. (No matter how creepy they might appear at some point, Sloths are awesome!) 

And the characters are pretty awesome too. 

I especially liked the whole dad-against-mother-in-law part, and the scenes where the family tried to understand what's the deal with fire. 

A funny thing that it ended up being this good - I have to admit, I was not expecting it, since they kind of advertised it with "Madagascar" (which isn't a BAD movie, but it is clearly not a favorite either). If it were after me I would have printed "How to Train Your Dragon" all over it, cause then it would have probably gotten more people sucked into it. 

Anyways, I LOVED it. 

And I'm actually happy about the fact that they didn't make the whole movie about a typical "princess-meats-prince". Sure, the love happens, but my face wasn't shoved in it and I'm perfectly happy to leave it at that point. 

So, yeah, there you have it. Once again, a well-made animated movie. Good job everyone involved in it!