...seem to be out of is time.

I kind of wasted all my day with screwing around and since I'm tight on time now, I'm just going to post a couple of unique looking houses I found since last time.
First, we shall go to Orlando, Florida, where we have a nice little Gingerbread Cottage. It looks deliciously artificial and fun enough if you are still into fairy tales and Disney princesses. Please don't judge, but I actually like it. I would probably not want to live in it for a long time, but I would like to check it out some day.

The second place we have houses in is Cappadocia, Turkey. These are called Fairy chimney houses, and they were carved out of stone in the Roman ages. 

Aaaand, back to Florida (boy, isn't it a weird city?). Remember those old-school sci-fi movies with the ugly looking UFOs? You know, the ones that you would probably laugh at right now? 

From Florida we jump to Spain now, to Fuerteventura - which is one of the Canary Islands. Now, besides the part where probably every person in this world wished one or two times to visit ANY island (be it in a tropical place or somewhere north), I'm going to go ahead and point you towards this one because it has one or two cool things that need to be checked out there. But since this post is about houses, let's not make this too long. Check out the Icing House: 

The next one is a home for everyone who loves nature. I always liked houses that have plants running all over them, and thankfully for modern architecture, now you can actually live in houses like this without being afraid of it falling on your head. Now, the houses that I will show you now might not seem anything special, but they are pretty special. Also, if you want to know where they are, you can find them in Keldur, Iceland.

File:Iceland Keldur Earth covered homes.JPG

And from Iceland we go to the Netherlands, where we can take a look at something more... modern. They can be found in Rotterdam, and they were build in 1984. You can probably find them by the name of Cube Houses. 

So what do you think? DO you like them, or you would like to stick to the more normal styles?