...missed are posts that have music in them.

You know how it is, when you fail to come up with anything else, there is always a song you heard, a movie you saw or a book you read to talk about. Those NEVER fail.
Thus, today - to "celebrate" this horrible, horrible weather I thought it would be nice to sit back and enjoy a couple of songs. Especially those people who couldn't give a rat's ass about the Eurovision posts, and now just want to just listen to something.

I'm hoping that I can show you guys something new - I'm not going to follow any theme or topic for the songs, so you'll just get a random "let's see what she found lately" kind of a post.

1. Ben Konstantinovic - The Journey

I chose to show you this, because it reminds me of August Rush. Remember the movie? Well, in case you forgot, here's the scene: 

2. Secrets, by One Republic, interpreted by Bryson Andres 

This guy is awesome. Also, electric violins are awesome. And the song is awesome too. Nothing bad can come out of something like that, can it? I wish we had more musicians like this guy. 

3. I'm Yours by this random Asian kid

Okay, you probably know this one already, but it never fails to make me smile. And if you are a woman  around 30 you are probably cooing over it right about now. It's cute, isn't it? Also, keep it in mind: no matter how you are at something there is probably a 4 year old kid out there who does a better job than you. Now... SMILE! 

4. Axis of Awesome - 4 Chord Song 

Since it's the fourth song of the day, why not make it about the 4 Chord Song. This is actually a comedy skit, but besides it being funny, it is also kind of catchy. So... yeah. You know what you have to do. Also, this is a great way to realize how the music industry fucks with us all :D Oh happy day! 

5. TV theme Medley 

If you are into TV shows, you will probably love this one. It's kind of a one-shot take of a bunch of intro songs from a whole lot of classics. Ah well, if nothing else, it will make you want to re-watch the X-files. Once again. Damn.